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Today I will Tell You Something Very Interesting. I will Share Some Interesting Facts About The World.
These 101 Interesting Facts will surely enhance and give you some extra knowledge about The World.
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So Let’s Start With 101 Interesting Facts About The World. 

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1. Every day, US residents eat 18 hectares of pizza. 

2. There are no hours at the Las Vegas casino. 

3. Sneezing with open eyes is impossible. 

4. Global warming will deprive humanity of beer. 

5. People with blue eyes are more sensitive to pain than everyone else. 

6. Coca-Cola has long been unable to find its name for sale in China. The fact is that the Chinese pronounce the name of this drink as “Kekukela”, which means “Bite the Wax Tadpole”. 

The company was forced to sort out 40 thousand spellings of its trademark before choosing “Koku Kohl”, which means “Happiness in the Mouth.” 

7. A cat sleeps 70% of its life. 

8. The cockroach lives without a head for 9 days, after which it dies of hunger.

9. In windows, you can not create a folder called “Con”, this word in childhood called Bill Gates. 

10. If coca-cola were not tinted, it would be green. 

11. The Film Titanic was worth more than the Titanic. 

12. Salvador Dali painted the logo for Chupa Chups. 

13. Lemon contains more sugar than strawberries. 

14. Chaplin took third place in the Chaplin doubles competition. 

15. Children grow faster in spring. 

16. If you shout at a glass of water for 80 years, you can boil it. 

17. Most robberies happen on Tuesdays. 

18. If a shark swims upside down, it may fall into a coma. 

19. Frightened man sees better.

20. OK – the most popular word in the world. 

21. A snail can sleep 3 years. 

22. The flag of Alaska created a 13-year-old boy. 

23. If you have one nostril closed for 72 hours, you will slowly lose the ability to see colors. (Your eyes will instantly return to normal when you release the nostril.) 

24. In the Sahara Desert, once – February 18, 1979 – walked snow. 

25. In Siena, Italy, you cannot be a prostitute if your name is Maria. 

26. Human DNA is 30% identical to the DNA of lettuce. 

27. No sheet of paper can be folded in half more than seven times. 

28. American Airlines saved $ 40,000 by removing only one olive from salads served to first-class passengers.

29. Venus is the only planet of the solar system, rotating counterclockwise. 

30. On average, 100 people die every year, choking with a ballpoint pen. 

31. It is impossible to anatomically man to lick his own elbow. 

32. When you fly in an airplane, your hair grows 2 times faster. 

33. Almost everyone who read this text tried to lick their elbows. 

34. The nose grows throughout a person’s life. 

35. In Russian and English languages ​​there is no word for the name of the reverse part of the knee. 

36. The imprints of the language of all people are individual. 

37. On the body of one person lives more living organisms than people on Earth. 

38. One hair can withstand a weight of 3 kg.

39. If you add up all the numbers on the casino roulette wheel, you get the magic number 666. 

40. Bees can count to four. 

42. In the archives of the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, DC, two identical snowflakes are found, which remain in the refrigerator. 

43. Most often in the English libraries, they steal the Guinness Book of Records. 

44. Clouds cannot move to the southwest. 

45. The most common size of women’s shoes is 39. 

46. ​​Apple wakes up better than coffee. 

47. A person cannot feel the taste of food until the food is mixed with saliva. 

47. The first computer in the world weighed 30 tons and consisted of 18 thousand electronic tubes. 

48. Polar bears can run at a speed of 40 km / h.

49. A person who smokes a pack of cigarettes a day drinks half a cup of tar a year. 

50. Every seven seconds a child is born in the world 

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51. In France, Italy, and Chile, the existence of a UFO is officially recognized. 

52. The scent of a dog is 1000 times stronger than that of a human. 

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53. 3 of the 6 richest people in the world, earned their money in the IT-sphere. 

54. Manhattan Island was bought from the Indians for $ 24. 

55. A passionate kiss causes the same chemical reactions in the brain as parachuting and pistol shooting. 

56. It is forbidden to rescue a drowning person in China, as this is an interference with his fate. 

57. A total of 18 countries of the world richer than Balla Gates. 

58. In the US, under 13 years of age, it is forbidden to register on social networks.

59. All the planets of the Solar System could fit inside Jupiter. 

60. People with blue eyes are more sensitive to pain than everyone else. 

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61. Headache is a bad reason not to have sex. During sex, endorphin is secreted, which acts as a pain reliever. 

62. Einstein’s brain was stolen after his death. 

63.45% of Americans do not know that the sun is a star. 

64. Beer doesn’t have as many calories as it’s considered. Apple juice or milk has a lot more. 

65. Bill Gates earns $ 6,659 per minute. 

66. Two of the highest IQ ever recorded on Earth belong to women. 

67. The shortest last name in the world is Korean O.

68. According to the UK law of 1845, if a person attempted suicide, he should be sentenced to the death penalty. 

69. In a day a man uses about 7 thousand words, while a woman uses 20 thousand words. 

70. Having eaten a spoonful of sugar, you will almost certainly get rid of hiccups. 

71. The snail has about 25 thousand teeth. 

72. The familiar shape of the “heart” was formed from the union of two real hearts. those. two loving hearts. 

73. Due to the male snoring, women for the whole life do not sleep for about 4 years. 

74.The weight of 1 million. $ 100 dollar bill is 10 kg. 

75. For a lifetime, a person will grow about 1,000 kilometers of hair. 

76.3 The richest people in the world have states that are equal to the wealth of the 40 poorest countries in the world.

77. Physiologically, one man can have 842 children. 

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78. During the year a person needs to visit the toilet about 2500 times. 

79. More than 90 million people in China bear the name of Lee. 

80. To old age, a person remembers about 150 trillion bits of information. 

81. In alcoholic beverages contain all the minerals necessary for a person to maintain life. (the Only benefit will be if taken in moderation). 

82. In the female body contains 6 times more gold than men. 

83. The only country where there was not a single birth registered in 1983 – the Vatican. 

84. Men can perceive smaller fonts than women, while women have better hearing. 

85. Two-thirds of the inhabitants of our planet have never seen real snow in their life.

86. In the center of Madrid, there is a hotel out of the garbage. 

87. Each day 200 million couples around the world make love. It is 2000 pairs at any given time. 

88. In order to boil a hard-boiled ostrich egg will take 4 hours. 

89. Cats do not like sweet, they just do not feel the sweet taste. 

90. In Japan, the price of watermelons reaches $ 100 apiece. 

91. Depressed cockroaches can be used as a painkiller, they can be applied to the wound to reduce pain. 

92. Axtrous Shirley Henderson played the 13-year-old schoolgirl, Cry Cry Myrtle, in Harry Potter. At the time of filming, she was almost 40 years old. 

93. In Japan, 98% of all deaths are cremated. 

94. In Finland, there is a puppy Jackie, who at the mention of Hitler makes “Sieg Heil!”.

95. In the USA there is a lake called Chargoggoggmanchauggagoggchaubunagunamaugg. 

96. One drop of oil can make unsuitable for drinking almost 25 liters of water. 

97. In Brazil, live cockroaches that feed on eyelashes (most often it is the eyelashes of sleeping children). 

98. The king cobra can kill twenty people or one elephant with its poison. 

99. Medusa lived on the earth long before the advent of dinosaurs. 

100. Kalmara can reach 20 meters long. 

101. A person has almost 2 times fewer convolutions in the cerebral cortex than a dolphin. 

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