What is Mindfulness Meditation? How can I learn Mindfulness Meditation Techniques in a short time for Beginners? 

Both of these are undoubtedly questions about Basic Meditation which are asked most by friends, relatives, and students. It is not easy to answer this question in a few words and easily. It takes months or several years for some to understand Mindfulness Meditation and master Best Meditation techniques. So we will Learn about Basic Meditation First.
So here today, we will start with the Basic Meditation first, which is the Foundation of Further Higher levels of Mindfulness Meditation practices.
Simplifying this concept in some important points has been my main challenge. I wanted this practice to be available to everyone so that anybody could adopt the big benefits of meditation in everyday life. Whatever I have learned has been collected in this guide which I wrote for you. Are you ready to focus with me?
Let’s start our journey! What is Mindfulness Meditation? If you browse through the vocabulary, then you will find the following definition in the word meditation:
Stopping the mind on the subject of thought, The deep spiritual concentration With a deeper consideration of any problem, an argument to understand its essence, examining its nature and attracting it from its development, results etc.
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The most inexperienced these rows seem to express an incredibly complex concept (and in fact the practical side of meditation is a complete mystery for those who have never experienced it) There is an excellent starting point for depth and understanding, why it is worth trying to learn.
Above all, meditation means to avoid emotional restraint and stagnation of our thoughts, to evolve, to change. And to do this we need to bring all your attention to the present moment.
Many people have a distorted thought of meditation and for this reason, I want to clarify what is not before starting meditation, to eliminate the most common myths and wrong expectations:
Meditation is not a religious practice: Though it is used for thousands of years in various religious rituals and in many cases it is similar to prayer, meditation has been born much earlier than the religions, and the practice of meditation is sacred in any way Not connected to rituals. Generally, the only point is that someone’s spirituality.

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Stop it all-

“Stopping” is a word that does little or nothing match with the newspaper because it demands that our world of “action at all costs” be silenced. Discover the best moments for your daily life to stop the input coming from everywhere in your brain.
Do you go to work on a normal route? Turn off the phone and go without thinking in particular, take daily roads automatically and you will see that after a few days things will come to the attention which you have nothing to do with it – this is also the focus. This process can be applied to any regular activity you do.

Pay attention to your spirituality-

We all have a soul but often suffer from all those daily acts of wickedness which surround us and tortures us. Learn to emphasize words.
When you listen to any word, pronounce, read or think, then analyze it, find its exact meaning, check whether it has been used correctly, learn to give it its real value. Here, for example, the word value used by me can be an excellent example: what is the value? What significance do we give? Screen one day on one word of your common language, spiritual analysis of that word … 
You will see how many things are visible to you.

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Stop the mind on something-

We have a lot of things, we will like many things, but do we ever stop to see what we have? Or just because they are our property, do they lie in a corner that is waiting for dust or recovered from under a drawer?
Find something around you, anyone. It can be a household item or a personal object: a scarf, a vase, a bracelet … look it well, touch it, smell it, make it yourself. See What it Feels Like.

Consider the essence of things-

It is necessary to catch the essence of things.
Do you remember the thing you have been looking for and touching for a few days? Now try to visualize its origins how it is made, the materials used, those who have worked and handled it.
If you are successful and attract all this to some object, then imagine what it will be like when you will come to the essence of the people!

Check the nature of things-

We learned a lot about food. We know reading labels, basics, calories, we know that it is fundamental to our health, for our lives, but do we know how to taste it? Do we understand its origin beyond the label?
Take a fruit, hold it in your hands and take the reverse route, think about the tree, the earth, the sun, which has matured it, which was necessary for the past months so that the cycle could be completed. 
Now eat it, chew it slowly, think this taste will turn into energy. Isn’t It Feels Good.? Check it Yourself.

Think of the result-

Once awareness comes, it is natural to think about the results. Every action, every word, every gesture, every one choice or inevitably results from society. 
The results that can be positive or negative and in turn will trigger a complex mechanism in return.
Understanding this advice is not easy, it is not easy to follow all from above, but those who want to do Dhyana(Meditation), they know that this is a long and hard job that should be experienced within themselves. Also, it will only come by Practicing daily.
Think of the results that can come out of your hard work.

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Have Faith-

We need goodwill, we need it as a medicine. So we have to learn to make it.
Find your place, where you feel good. Make it at home, in your own corner, or if you prefer walking. Think Good. Listen to Nature. Feel it.

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Because to be able to give, you first have to find out what you have. Right?
After Completing these seven steps, you will gain mastery on yourself which is must to start practicing the further Techniques of Meditation and will surely make them an integral part of your lifestyle, your soul will be ready for meditation.
Now that you have come to understand how meditation is done and what state your inner state reaches.! The Next Will be the Techniques which will Become More Simpler to Understand and easily be Implemented. 

In Upcoming Article about Meditation, We will Come to know the further steps and guide.
We will discuss Steps to Meditate for Beginners, What all are the Techniques Available for every Meditator.
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