Apple $999 Pro Stand: Why Everyone Around The World Criticizing It?

Apple $999 Pro Stand: Why Everyone Around The World Criticizing It?

Apple $999 Pro Stand: Why Everyone Around The World Criticizing It?: Apple Pro Display stand which goes 1000 bucks. Keep in mind that’s not even the monitor, the monitor cost five thousand dollars. This was clever marketing on MSI’s part. At Apple’s WWDC 2019, they announced the Mac Pro which it is going to be pricey, but it does look pretty impressive and of course they came out with a new monitor to go along with that called the Apple Pro Display XD are really impressive specs and ain’t cheap if you want to get one that has the regular glass on, it is going to cost you five grand.

If you want the etched glass, so it’s going to be less reflective and that will cost your six grand and then they drop the ball by saying that the stand comes separate and the stand is going to be a thousand bucks. Steve Jobs would have never done it that way. Even if the stand was separate he would have found a way. But how Steve jobs presented this on stage was facepalm worthy and MSI is mocking them for this. And, this is what MSI had to say about it.Apple $999 Pro Stand: Why Everyone Around The World Criticizing It?

Here’s the image that MSI put together Pro Stand and no 5k no screen, no colour gamut, it’s just a stand. Still, here is an MSI Prestige 34 inch monitor which is 2 inches bigger than Apple’s. Which is $1,300, 5K Resolution. Now no IPS display HDR 600 certified 98% DCI – P3 colour gamut includes a stand. Now, first off, this was a brilliant marketing ploy by MSI. But, it is kind of sort of not fair. I had to say that to defend Apple but I got to be objective here.

First, off the pro display, XDR has a much higher resolution, the MSI prestige. We could not remember the name it’s why we had to look down. They say 5K, but it’s 5K, 2K it’s 50, 120 by 2160 which is a much lower resolution than Apple’s Pro Display XD our apple monitor is a 6k monitor which is six thousand sixteen three thousand eight hundred and eighty-four pixels. So, that’s a big difference in resolution. Apple’s pro display XD our monitor has a contrast ration of million to one. Where the prestige monitor from MSI only as a contrast ratio of 120:1. And, there is a plethora of other specifications that Apple’s monitor beats the prestige monitor from MSI. So we are not saying their monitor is not a good deal.

But, it’s a kind of like cool. MSI includes a stand by specification wise it doesn’t compare to Apple’s monitor. It’s not even close. First off, MSI is marketing right there was brilliant because Apple, look you want to sell the stand separate to make your extra coins. Well, more than extra coins have at it. But we know Steve Jobs and look we have many issues of Steve Jobs and you know, the guy as brilliant in many ways.

But he would have not more, he would have brought out the monitor and he would have said and he would have made us rolled in the price of the stand with the monitor and been like the Apple Pro Display XDR with the stand goes for 6000 or 7000 dollars and he would have said it in some way. That would have made it seem like a deal because when you look at the real competitors, Apple’s Pro Display XDR, it is not a bad price in Marques Brownlee and Unbox Therapy.

The same thing real competitor is like Sony’s monitors which one of their monitors have the model right here. HX 310 is a 31 inch 4K monitor HDR, master monitor. It’s a lower resolution, an Apple 6K monitor goes for $29,000. Over $29,000, so fools depending on which display you get is either 23 or $22,000 less than a competitor monitor from Sony. That’s more in the league of what the pro display XDR, that Apple’s offering that like that’s the stuff that Steve Jobs used to do.

Because he used to know that all right we offer premium products but compared to our competitors that are offering something similar. He would compare them and I remember all the time he used to have back in the Death with the Power PC days and achieve 4G 5 days. He used to show comparable products running photoshop and video editing software you would see how much faster, how much better they ran and he was just such as good showman.

He would have found a way to make people who don’t even want to but the Pro Display XDR. Just want to buy the stand and show it up to their asses because he was so good at that and Apple’s lost that when Steve Jobs passed away in 2011. That’s one he would have found a way to be like a man what a great deal for that monitor and compared to other reference monitors. It kind of is and that’s the point and that’s what out Apple should have been making sure. Look at the Sony monitor, you need a home equity loan for that monitor. It ain’t cheap, but compared to its competitors and what it offers, it’s a hell of a bargain and it kind of is – we are going to buy a Mac Pro.

No, it’s not even with us being a content creator, it’s not we are not in that demographic. But if they marketed it right and showed that their competitors are offering people wouldn’t be laughing at the stand. Steve Jobs is gone, that’s where Apple has kind of lost their way. Do we think the Mac Pro is a hell of a step up from the garbage? Can they have back in 2013, they brought it in the right direction, it seems like it’s going to be a hell of a product. We are sure we are going to sell well, but showing a stand separately for a thousand bucks, they had to have known it’s not going to go over.

Well, we guarantee you the next iteration of this monitor, this XDR monitor, they are going to include the stands. So, they have not laughed at this. This is a Marxist tactic. It is an authoritarian tactic. Apple has one of the most famous and iconic 1984 things. Of course, that was a commercial where they introduced the Apple, but they introduced another, the Mac. The introduced another product just a couple of days ago. Just to show you that – Tim Cook is no Steve Jobs. They introduced the Apple Stand for $1000 a piece of metal for $1000.

They are being vilified and laughed at all over social media. A clip of crowd’s reaction when he showed this stand for their monitor, got five thousand dollar monitor and they got a 1 pound to include their one thousand dollar metal stand. And, so there was a clip that people have put together of the audience reaction of him.

Putting here’s a metal stand that you can get for a thousand dollars which is by the way as we point out more than the price of the brand new iPhone. Excess, we guess, you could call this stand to excel as an excess price. But anyway the clip of the crowd’s reaction went viral and then apple took down the clip across media on the grounds of copyright infringement and that right there is the entire picture of where we are the corporation’s who don’t like your speech.

Claim copyright and use that going to be the basis, the next wave. they’ve been talking about all this stuff out hate speech bullying and so forth as they take down people that they hate bully people. That they disagree with. But it’s going to be coming down to copyright because there are just a few core corporations that have the copyright to everything and they are going to use that to silence everything.

Just like silence. People who are laughing about this absurdly priced monitor stand. Of course, played at the introduction in 1984 was an amazing clip. After Steve introduced us to the Macintosh that promised that it was going to be a very liberating thing and of course the early days of the personal computer that was the promise of the technology, we had worked through university, through engineering. Companies worked on very centralized systems, mainframe computers CPUs and so forth and all of that struck home with us.

Because, having personal computers that were waiting for you rather, than you waiting in a long line for these things it was a very liberating thing. Technology in the hands of individuals instead of in the grasp of institutions that you had to line up and wait for identified with all those people dressed in grey. It’s named to that because you had these mainframe computers that cost millions and millions of dollars and they would do all the administrative computing for the one that we had at USF was all the administrative computing for two different universities and all the technical computing for two different universities.

All the engineering science students used the one computer, rule them all and it was a very liberating thing to get that technology spread out but now we have gone the other way. We are now rapidly it’s almost like an explosion and then pulling back in very rapidly. Because now it’s rapidly consolidating. So here we are 35 years later and instead of introducing a groundbreaking computer and that was a groundbreaking interface. It had been done by Xerox PARC before, but jobs always would take the work of other people and he would refine it to create something unique and he did and it’s a matter of fact that we loved it so much.

The design of it had so much potential down inside the internals as well. It was not just the superficial stuff. They, the visual user interface and so forth, we took it to the people. Reportedly, Steve was working with a research triangle park and said this is what we need to be doing. Not this kind of interface, we are doing here that nobody listened to me. But not a business in a few years, anyways but will you listen to me when we tell you where we are headed with this.

Here we are 35 years later and Apple introduced is not a new paradigm of computing. But a metal stand for $1000 and when people laugh at the presentation that they broadcast as they do all their life there. Their annual product release and so forth when people, when the audience laughed about that started going viral.

They exercised copyright to censor that and of course, that kind of goes back to what we saw with the Snowden slides too as a matter of fact. It’s very interesting didn’t get a lot of press here in the ice days. We have talked about it many times but most, the mainstream media did not pick up maybe because they don’t want to criticize Apple did not pick up the NSA slides that were leaked by Snowden. It was discussed in Germany, their speaker picked it up, that’s where you will find those slides. But it should be seen, let’s show these slides at Snowden release.

Basically what they said was who would have thought back in 1984, you know that this would be Big brother and so forth and we, you know just think about the fact that last August it was Tim Cook and Apple who went full 1984 who kicked off the Orwellian Censorship of speech on the internet. Did you show the screenshot of the thing from the Drudge? Report there the article showing that we had been censored and at the time there it is right there is the time we had the number one selling app in the Apple Store and they shut it down.

So, we went from a situation, 35 years ago, where Steve Jobs, a very different guy think that Tim Cook where Steve Jobs and saying hey we don’t like you. Tank 1984 compared it to the monolithic control of big businesses at the time because they were up and coming smaller business, a smaller computer guys they were the outsiders coming back against the entrenched monopolistic powers that are in place and say we got a groundbreaking product here and we are going to give people more freedom in it and you can see the images below here and they referenced that commercial, we just showed you. This is the NSA who would have thought in 1984 that this would be Big Brother and they show Steve Jobs holding up the iPhone and that the idiots. The third slide says and that the idiots would wait in line to pay for it themselves.

There are those three slides and what was a presentation given internally in the NSA leaked by Ed Snowden, so the NSA is bragging about the fact that they had used the iPhone. Whether or not it was with the cooperation of Apple. Or not they had still used it. They had used it the very people who were complaining about 1984, they used their device to establish 1984 and you are too stupid, you are going to pay for Big Brother and yet now we have shown that image below.

They are Microsoft which is really what they were coming back against at the time you would go back and look at the prism. Microsoft was the very first company in there. On that very last one, they came in after Steve Jobs left when Tim Cook was in there. Apple Computer back in 2012 and, they have embraced Big brother Tim Cook as we said then and you know August of the last year kicks off Big Brother Censorship on the web. That’s the way this is gone. So, piece of metal for dollars that’s what you get when they established their complete control over your life. Death

Let’s just take a look at what they are coming upto the 70th anniversary of the actual book going back to previous anniversary Murray Rothbard, libertarian writer kind of did a summary of Orwell’s Book and as he pointed out all ideas, of course, are not reasonable and subversive to accomplish his purpose of destroying the human mind and the heart, the party uses in 1984, the party uses constant propaganda. Love Big Brother, hate his enemies. We have the destruction of truth by continually altering historical records to conform to the ever-changing party line. Does that sound familiar is that kind of like taking down statues rewriting history and so forth. Death

We do that a lot and it’s even easier now because now it’s with the technology, they can just flush things down the memory hole like all of the work that we did here at Apple Inc. Truth from the destruction of language to make it impossible to think independent thoughts by confusing the meaning of swords and introducing new Gibberish Language that is what the left are masters at. Constantly redefining terms and then co-opting them or inventing new terms, always seizing the high ground linguistically with the terminology they use the destruction of login process known as doublethink. Death

It is defined as the capacity to hold on one’s mind to contradictory beliefs at the same time. This is the essence of Orwell’s 1984. One significant method that the party uses to remain in power is to contrive to keep its country always at war with some other country. Now, who do we know that’s like that in 2019. What country is constantly at war with other countries to keep us in line. More on that would come back in the next article. 

Is Apple $999 Stand Worthless?

Apple has become the new Supreme where you buy overly priced objects that you don’t need and they are overly priced. Where they shouldn’t be only to use them as a status symbol. You go to the gym, then you see that one guy at the gym with air pods, takes them off and then puts them on top of the napkin. Nice and neatly and shines them off. And cleans them while tying a shoe and then puts them back on for safety purposes. It’s plastic, they will break if you step on it some reason. They cost a lot when you can buy the same thing for a cheaper price in any other store. You can find if you don’t know what supreme it is with an article of overpriced, simple clothing like just a T-Shirt with a red block on it.

They even think it was like a five thousand dollar a crowbar with the name, supreme on and they sewed it for like a lot of money. Don’t know how much it was but so Apple came out with this brand new idea when they were showcasing their greater cheese or Greater computer or Macbook or whatever. The next thing you know, they decided to separate the computer and the computer stand. So, the computer costs around five thousand dollars.

But, if you look at the stand, the stand is sold separately. And the stand costs a thousand dollars. And we look at this picture right here. Do you think this thing right here costs a thousand dollars? We think you can make that at you like local home and depot, but we believe you can do is you can ask a guy – “Hey, could you bend this metal for me? Could you bend this little steel for me? And then they will do it for like 20 Dollars or 80 Dollars at maximum.”

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