List of Best SEO Chrome Extensions (And Apps) for SEO Experts

List of Best SEO Chrome Extensions (And Apps) for SEO Experts: So, if you have ever tried to find a Chrome Extension to help with SEO, you can find that it’s pretty overwhelming. In this article, we will make you go through the top ten SEO chrome extensions for you to use and trust me you are going to want to use these as you are performing keyword research.

List of Best SEO Chrome Extensions (And Apps) for SEO Experts

Or, even just SEO research for campaigns. So stay tuned. Chrome tools give you different functionalities and especially for SEO, it allows you to look at different features of the website and hot it’s performing and we are going to show you 10 tools in this article. You are going to want to use.

#1 Buzzsumo:

The very first SEO chrome extension is buzz sumo. And, what it essentially does is if you are looking for ways to create content or what o even gather content from this, gives you a quick look at that. So, you can go to a web page and just click the Chrome extension and it’s going to show you the total amount of engagements on each social platforms and then the evergreen score and then the number of links. It’s been backlinked out to or how many links have been backlinked.

Then you can always click analyze the website and go over. It will direct you over to buzz sumo website where they will put it through the content analyzer and it will pull up a ton of information and data for you to look at Buzzsumo’s Chrome extension number one free download out therefor SEO. Check out this tool.

#2 SEO Quake:

On second position we are going to go into is SEO quake and you can see this tool right here, it actually how you several different things. So, it will show you general page info, how it ranks with Alexa, Google, Bing, SEMrush web archive etc. We think, what’s this SEMrush subdomain backlink, there are tons of different places where you can rank your website and this shows you how you are indexed or ranked on each website for specific keywords in your niche. Now again keep in mind these are the free tools so these are not 100% accurate and even if you are paying for the paid version, it’s not 100% accurate.

So, there are some discrepancies. But just know that it does give you a general idea. So Facebook likes, you can see is at 1.7k. If we pulled up buzz sumo, like we just went into, we can see we have about 1.7k engagements right there. That’s about how many people have liked your page that’s what it shows there. So, it is a pretty cool tool, but again the SEO quake tools are cool, you can look at internal breakdowns of your website, external breakdowns of your website density on keywords and things of that nature and showing how popular that or how prominent that keyword is.

Whether it’s a header tag, whether it’s found in the meta description and whether it’s found in the title all of these things, reports are important information that you want to be tracking as you are building your SEO and as you are starting to try and rank specific keywords. And, Really Quickly, just a quick tip SEO for mobile is making a huge difference in how you should be optimising your website’s along with voice search. So, if you are looking for information on that, you are going to want to check another article on the same topic on this website only.

#3 Check My Links: 

The third tool in our list is Check My Links. And, you can see that it shows all of the different places on a website where there are links, whether it’s being a redirect, if you are using redirect links or if you have invalid links. Now again, these are free tools so, we want to show you, for example, it says invalid links too. Right, the number we could not even find the second invalid link. 2 is it’s saying that my twitter link is invalid, and when you open it, you can see that it’s going to take you to a valid web page.List of Best SEO Chrome Extensions (And Apps) for SEO Experts

Right? So you can not again always rely on these 100% like even up here, it was saying just a second ago, it was caching these as false now. You can see they are valid links. So again, don’t take it 100%. But this is something where you can go into a website, do a quick analysis and it will point out the wrong things. We are not going to say that it’s just always wrong, definitely not. It is a useful tool and it will point out things on a website or really link on a website that is broken.

And, these are things that you can take to a business owner and say there are all links on your website that are broken, your web developer is not doing this. You should let us manage your website. Even after reading this in-depth guide related to List of best SEO Chrome Extension (And Apps) for SEO Experts, still, if you are facing any questions or problems regarding the topic that is List of best SEO Chrome Extension for SEO Experts, please make sure to let us know your exact issue in the comment box below.

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