Best Tool To Spy Backlinks Of Competitors’ Blog: Ahrefs vs Semrush

Best Tool To Spy Backlinks Of Competitors’ Blog: Ahrefs vs Semrush: If you ask us – What is the most important Google Ranking Factor right now – then we’ll say – Link Building. Even if you write the best article in the world, but you do not try to make high authority relevant backlinks to it, it’s useless in one sense. And, that one sense is – you will receive zero to no traffic from Search Engines. But, even if you have an average article, and a good number of backlinks, you’re likely to outrank many other authority blogs in your niche.Best Tool To Spy Backlinks

Best Tool To Spy Backlinks Of Competitors’ Blog: Ahrefs vs Semrush

In the next few lines, you will learn how to practically steal your competitor’s backlinks using one of the best backlink checker tools – AHREF. You just need to identify those link opportunities that your competitors are basically just handing to you and then what we are going to do is we are actually going to go through “How To Process” of acquiring these links that your competitors already have and so we are going to show you first how to find them.

Then we are going to show you how to find the contact information, and we are going to give you a free outreach template and tool that you could use in your outreach to your technique, these backlinks that your competitors have and so this is a very important thing of your article. So, just strap in, get ready to go and get prepared to learn. So, let’s jump right in. Alright, so, we are not inside of Ahrefs and now what we are going to show you is how to analyze your competitors and then take link opportunities out of their link profile. And, the best part is that this method WORKS.

So, what you need to do is just go to the Site Explorer section and once you are there put a competitor URL into the search bar. So, for this example, we are going to use and once the analysis is complete, go to the backlink profile section and click on backlinks. So of course, anyone can fire up Ahrefs, put a competitor URL in here and find all kinds of linked opportunities and that does not require a ton of skill, all that you need is just access to this tool. So, how is it that some people have all of the same information, all of the same data, but some people can acquire more backlinks?

Well, the reason is that people that acquire the most backlinks in a niche are the people have had a process and so that’s what we are going to show you here today. It’s super easy to find link opportunities, you can put any of your competitor’s URLs in here and you can just extract every single link that they have ever gotten or at least that Ahrefs have found and these are all link opportunities that you can try to acquire as well. So, the objective of this article is for us to show you a link acquisition strategy that you can use to get backlinks.

Backlinks that your competitors have and so really all that it takes is for you to first identify the type of link that your competitor has and then, once you have done that, then you just need to use the appropriate strategy for that particular link type. So, the first thing you need to understand is going to be the link type, and so obviously you want to want to target do-follow backlink opportunities but outside of just do follow or no follow, there are specific link types that are going to be easier or harder to acquire.

Some low hanging fruits or backlinks that are easier to acquire are going to be guest posts, are going to be contributor accounts, are going to be broken backlinks and those three opportunities are usually the easiest to acquire because of – first of all, if you have a little bit of authority in your industry and you have some good ideas, you can get guest posts published that your competitors have already gotten published. So, that’s a pretty easy one and then broken backlinks or any type of situation where you have some type of leverage is a good way to acquire backlinks as well.

At the same time, a harder strategy is to find a backlink that your competitor has acquired of even gotten naturally and try to get that link replaced and that’s one strategy that people try to use is they actually try to switch out their competitor’s backlinks and replace it with their backlink and this does work from time to time.

But, you can actually can have the best of both worlds, you can actually get your link placed in the same piece of content that your competitor has, if you have something of equal or more value and then out of all these strategies, the last method that you can use, which is the most frowned upon method. But believe it or not, is one of the most common is simply pay to play. You identify the link opportunity and then you simply pitch them, how much you are willing to pay to get listed or get the link on their website. And, of course, this is against Google’s guidelines. But this is what happens behind the scenes with a lot of these websites.

You can pitch them how much you are willing to pay, but a better strategy is just to ask them how much they want for link placement. But, before you do that, and if you want to go, that route and you want to buy backlinks on websites, first of all, remember that it’s risky, it is against Google’s Guidelines. So, if you do buy a link placement, that does come with risks. Second of all, there’s going to be some websites that do not accept payment for links and that’s why you have to inquire about it first. For questions related to Best Tool To Spy Backlinks Of Competitors’ Blog: Ahrefs vs Semrush, you can ask below.

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