Best WordPress Image Compression Plugins For Faster Page Load Time

Best WordPress Image Compression Plugins For Faster Page Load Time: Talking about image compression right now and that is going to make in the size of the images that you upload to your website a lot smaller now what you may or may not realize is when you upload an image. There is a ton of details in there that doesn’t come out when someone watches or views your website. There’s a lot of details in there that can be kind of shaved down a bit to make the size of the images smaller therefore when someone visits your page, it has to require less downloading of content from your Web host.Best WordPress Image Compression Plugins For Faster Page Load Time

Best WordPress Image Compression Plugins For Faster Page Load Time

And, this is what makes it faster now. When we write an article related to Image Optimization and acceleration of your websites. It was basically, this was the only service available. Now, there are desktop application tools that you can run your images through. But, they are not as good as and they are not as convenient as the services. That we meant to tell you in this article.

Besides early on, you can get this all done for free. So don’t think that this is on this going to cost you but is going to be massive huge benefits. So, this was what we made that article on a crack in and they did have a web of WordPress plugin that automated things. But it was so you had to have the paid service, it was showed people how to use this free web interface. You and this is how we compress our images for maybe two things at a time.

When this was the only show in town, but since then there are many ways to do this. So, if you go to and you do a search for image compression, urine to see all these options. Some are good and there is a few that probably are not that good song to go over a couple of them that we have personal experience within this article.

So the first one that you see is Smush Analysis must use to we think the history as they used to be owned by Yahoo and then Yahoo abandoned it and then WP EMU Dev picked it up and they have this free version. But you don’t want to use it let us just get that out there. Right now, this is one of those models where you get the Plugin it doesn’t give you the full benefits of image compression unless you pay, we think its like 500 bucks a year. If you just want image compression, so we would urge you to avoid a Smush.It. It will compress your images, but it won’t merely do as good of a job as the other.

Other tools because there are different levels of compression. So that is one of them here is that you can see. Its been and downloaded a ton of times but don’t look at that and this is the best. Its been downloaded to monetize because this is the first plug and that did this most of this these installations were before. So, it was taken over by WP and you Dev. And, they put a high price tag on it. So, this is one to skip. We have personally used it but there’s better stuff than this.

You will see this cool landscape picture on a stock photography website and you download it and you don’t change the name you don’t change the size. You are just uploading that sucker right in WordPress. What happens is it’s about the size, the dimensions of the image are usually about three times or four times larger than you need and of course, it’s like three of four MB in size. And, it’s going to kill the speed of your website you could probably be safe to enable this re-size larger images.

So, typically what we do is when we have a hero background image. We usually resize it to 1800 pixels wide, so you could be safe in doing that putting in 1600. So if you put upload an image, that’s three times the size of Bam not only in a GNU change, the way, the image looks to make it smaller. It’s also going to reduce the physical size of the image.

That want to eat and to have that stripped out if you take a picture with your iPhone, it puts this exit. If we are saying, it wrong data in there like coordinates two from where the picture was taken. You probably for privacy reasons do not want that in their IQ check. This, it will keep it, so, it’s upto you now, this is one of the things. We like about Imagify is right. Here you can choose which image is that your WordPress theme and Plugin are making versions of that.

You want to optimize, so right here, you can see this website, that we installed this on makes thumbnail image with these dimensions and all of these other ones. So, we are going to leave those checks. But, that’s what we were talking about. We were talking about this short pixel. If you want to learn more about WordPress and related stuff, please make sure to keep visiting us at regular intervals. Also, if you still have any other questions related to Best WordPress Image Compression Plugins For Faster Page Load Time, just make sure to comment below. Also Read: How To Protect Your Website From Hacking: WordPress Security Tips

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