How To Add YouTube Subscribe Button On Your Blog

How To Add YouTube Subscribe Button On Your Blog: In this article today, in short, we are going to show you how to create a YouTube Channel Subscribe Button for your website or blog. The first thing you need to do is find your Channels Channel ID. Open your YouTube Account Settings and go to Advances. On the Account Settings, advanced page, you can find your YouTube Channel ID. Copy the Channel ID to create your badge. If your channel has an old legacy username URL, you can also use that old username, However, you cannot use a new style custom URL name. How To Add YouTube Subscribe Button On Your Blog

How To Add YouTube Subscribe Button On Your Blog

Then open the Google Developers YouTube Subscribe Button Page, paste in the Channel ID. That page will show – Configure a Button, The tool lets you configure an embedded subscription button. You can se the button’s display options, preview the button and copy the code need to insert that button on your page. Then choose the Layout, choose the theme, and choose whether to display the Subscriber count.

When you are happy with the way the button looks, scroll down and copy the code. You can then paste in that code into the HTML of your website or blog. On Blogger, you can use an HTML/ Javascript gadget to add the badge to your blog’s Layout. When someone clicks the button, they will be taken to your channel, where they can confirm the channel subscription. If you found this article helpful, please make sure to check our other posts and share this as well.

It is because you want to make sure that you give people every opportunity to Subscribe to your YouTube Channel. When we say subscribe button, which has your picture of Subscribers that you have. Now, if we come over here to one of our websites, that we have it in here. We should probably have a little bit of call to action here which actually tells people that they should, the button to subscribe, but you can put this little image on Thank You Pages, in blog posts, blog sidebars etc.

This is not just only on YouTube, but on your websites as well. To get this button another way around, we will want to come to this website. Very long URL – It underscores, not a forward slash. There will just be a link in this article at the end, where you can copy and paste the URL link into your browser, easy. Anyway, when you come to this page here – by the way, you can just go to and just type in Google Developers and you can locate the YouTube Subscribe button inside of here.

What you want to do is you want to come over here on the left-hand side to where it says configure a button. You want to grab your YouTube Channel ID. How do you get that? You ask. Well, you come over here and you log into your YouTube Channel. You want to hit your little Creator Studio Button Here, you are going to hit Creator Studio. That’s going to bring you to this page and then you can hit view channel. When you view your channel, it will say at the top, your YouTube Channel ID.

Now, if you already branded this with a Vanity URL, you probably know what it is already, but for other people, it might just be a bunch of numbers and letter and so on. It doesn’t matter. Whatever it is, copy it, paste it in here and press enter, and it will appear down here. Now you can change the design of this little button if you want. You can have the default one and you will see it change here in a second or you can have the full one. It’s really upto you. You can have it display the Subscriber Count.

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