How To Download YouTube Video (In HD)? Best & Fastest Way To Save Videos Offline

How To Download YouTube Video (In HD)? Best & Fastest Way To Save Videos Offline

Is It Legal To Download YouTube Videos?

How To Download YouTube Video (In HD)? Best & Fastest Way To Save Videos Offline: When the topic of downloading YouTube Video comes up, there’s a side subject that must be broached. Is it legal on the copyright front as long as you are downloading a video for your personal offline use, you are probably Alright? It’s more black and white when you consider Google’s Terms of Service for YouTube. After all, watching YouTube videos offline through unofficial channels takes money out of Google’s Pocket and Wallets of video creators. There’s a reason YouTube runs Pre-roll ads, people make a living this way.

Let’s be clear, stealing video from YouTube is a big no-no. If you want to share a video, websites make it easy from embedding and emailing to sharing via links and social networks. You simply don’t need to download a video, most of the time. However, you have your reasons, the programs, services and websites that will be mentioned are all working. Spam Virus and Problem-Free as of the release of this video. But, use at your own risk. Third-Party Desktop Software is where you will get the best control over downloading online videos. Our first choice is 4K Video Downloader which has clear download links on its website.

How To Download YouTube Video (In HD)? Best & Fastest Way To Save Videos Offline

And, no advertisement traps. The software does what it advertises in a simple interface, graphics videos up to 8K in Quality and downloads them to plenty of formats. Just Copy a YouTube URL and click the paste link button to get started. 4K Video Downloader will even grab audio, subtitles, entire playlists and all the videos in a channel to which you subscribe. The sites supported are limited to the big names like YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook and a few others. But, covers most of what you need if you enable the smart mode and its presets 4K video downloader can do one-click downloads to your favourite format.

A few other notable third-party software includes Winx YouTube Downloader, GeoSoft Tube, Get YouTube by Click and 5K Player. If you prefer to avoid installing software on your PC, video downloader helper websites, the job it can take a lot longer depending on the size and the quality of the video you want. But you cannot beat the convenience, there are hundreds of these types of websites out there. Those of which can easily go from useful to suspicious. If your browser or your instincts throw up a warning, avoid it, move onto the next one a few of these websites make it easier to grab videos from YouTube by changing the URL slightly.

So, the service takes over our list of helper websites include Tube Ninja, YouTube Monkey, and VidPaw. Find out how to download YouTube videos through extensions on your mobile device in the next section of this article. When it comes to the topic of downloading YouTube videos, it can be a pretty hairy situation both ethically and legally. So, here are those situations in which you can legally download videos from YouTube. And, sometimes in the process of doing that, making your content, you see a clip on YouTube you want to use it, one of your videos, and you want to download.

Or maybe you just want to download it so you can watch it offline somewhere on the bus or the gym or something like that, Well, when can you do this? Well, first of all, let’s go to YouTube terms and service. And, two parts in there say this – Section 4C – you agree to not access content through any technology or means other than video playback pages of the service itself, the embeddable player or other explicitly authorized means that YouTube may designate.

And, then down scrolling to section 5b. Content is provided to you as is. You may access Content for your information and personal use solely as intended through the provided functionality of the service and as permitted under these terms of service. You shall not download any Content unless you see a download or similar link displayed by YouTube on the service for that content. No, according to YouTube’s terms of service you may not download any other content from the platform really for any use whatsoever. Now doing so though, doesn’t make it illegal, it just means that Google has the right to terminate your account if they catch you doing it and feel like that’s necessary to do. However, it is illegal for reasons bigger than Google.

It’s because you are downloading someone else’s copyrighted content without a license to use that content explicitly. The creator owns that content and gives a license to YouTube to host and distribute that content. But that does not mean the creator has given you a license to do the same. Now in the US, some situations are fair use, usage of other people’s content, and under those situations, that might be an exception. You can have and use in that content without the original creator’ permission. But generally speaking, if that’s not the case, then you are stealing the content. We are not going to get into internet piracy here in this article.

But we think we can all generally as creators, that it hurts creators and the platform as a whole when people do this. There is one situation where any of us though, can absolutely legally download video and watch them offline. Say, for example, you are on the bus and you don’t want to use all your data. You don’t want to burn through all that and pay for your mobile doing to be out of cell phone service may be on the subway, the city or going for an aeroplane ride.

You want to catch up on all your subscription and you don’t want to pay the high Wi-Fi fee on that aeroplane to do that. Well, if you are a subscriber of YouTube Red, then yes, you can download all those videos you want inside the YouTube app. You push the download button that the terms of service talk about, and you can watch all of those videos of your mobile device. And, it’s great because when you do reconnect the wi-fi, all your watch time, all your views would sync to YouTube server.

And, the creator’s count, their channel, they get credit for you watching their video still. As a subscriber to YouTube Red yourself, we love that feature inside the app. There’s a whole bunch of other features that come with YouTube Red. We just love the service. Not seeing any ads on YouTube whatsoever, having full access to Google, Music Play, which is Music Play, Music, Which is their Spotify music library. It’s just awesome, we love it.

And we love that as a YouTube red subscriber when we watch other people’s videos on YouTube, those creators are earning more money from us as a YouTube Red subscriber than they would be earning just from passive, ad-supported viewers. So, YouTube red is great all the way around. It was not supposed to be a commercial about anything, but that’s how you can legally download videos and not have any problems with the post. Posts are super easy and built into the app. Now we are not a lawyer, but these are the general principles that we found to make sense to us.

Step by Step How To Download YouTube Videos

How to save the videos from YouTube without downloading the video or in another word. We are going to discover how to save the videos from YouTube for offline viewing. So, let’s get started. So, to save videos from YouTube for offline viewing, it is so easy. Let us walk you through it step by step. The first thing we need to save the videos on YouTube for offline viewing on your Android or iOS Phone.

You need a YouTube app which is this one, which can be downloaded from Google Play Store and Of Course, your YouTube account, you know what just take a Gmail account to make a YouTube account. So, you need a YouTube account and you need a YouTube app. So, we guess all of you maybe have a YouTube account already. So, now we are going to get going to go. Get the YouTube App first, so on android phone, we are going to go into the Google Play Store here.

Install the app after downloading. Then open it, and the next step we will be saving the videos on YouTube for little, watching or for offline viewing that means, whenever you want to watch it when you don’t have a connection at all. You can always watch it because they are already saved. Full of live viewing. Here’s what works behind this process. First things first, after you open the YouTube app, you either want to sign in or not. It depends if you are online, you can watch it without signing.

But, if you want to save video from YouTube web, then you need to sign in. So, where to sign in? If you want to sign in, just tap on this profile picture in the right corner of your Gmail ID. Just sign in from your YouTube account using your Gmail from there. So we have already signed, you can see our profile picture already. So, now we are going to go and save videos. Let’s take a look at this video, for example, we want to save this video. We are then going to tap to open the video first and let’s say we are going to save this reel. Now, you are going to look down or under the video title and next to these share buttons, you will see a save button which is this one. You want to say that this video for over live viewing, now tap on that and you will see videos.

Saving, we saw here then tap on it to view these statuses and here’s the list of our library of live videos and you can see we already saved two videos. So, now we just want to show you that it is still saving, but our connection is a little bit slower. It is not offline here, because it’s saving a connection slowly, so it is saving. So, now because we already here on the list. So we want to show you out more from here. Well, we will walk you through this, it applies videos in the library.

Let the videos currently saving, into saving that it says. If you don’t click on that navigation you will not be able to save. If you want to see that of live videos on YouTube app and you need to go to the library. Now, in the library, you have available offline and you are going to see. Here we have three live videos which are already saved. This one is currently saving, so there’s this button as well. Now, you see the list of live videos from here. We are going to tap on that and lead to the list again. So, the current video is saving for 35%. So that’s it, now we are going to try to open this saved video in an offline mode.

So, now first, we are going to go and disconnect our connection here. We already disconnect our Wi-Fi as you can see now, we don’t have a connection. So, now with no connection, do data, no phone data, no Wi-fi or no internet connection, we mean, our phone is going to be offline. So now we are going to go and watch the video, everybody has the desire to do something, medicate myself is playing. It was easily saved, in the UP LIVE video modes. For us, we can watch it anytime, you can save as many videos as possible, as you want. Whenever you want to listen to it, so that’s how you are going to save the videos from YouTube without ever downloading it.

So let us tell you one thing, if you download the video to your gallery, it just takes a lot of spaces for storage. Alright, so later on whenever you try to, you know, save the videos from YouTube and just go to YouTube app, sign in to your account and just save it for offline viewing. One more thing, as the Google Chrome’s latest version of Google Chrome also support for saving of live viewing for the web pages, if you want to check it out. Just go to Google Chrome and we will write another article on the topic. Such web pages in offline mode on Google Chrome.

Alternate Method:

Let’s go into the offline first, we are just introducing this for you. In case you don’t know. So, we go offline and we are going to show you the magic. So, no connect and you just have to tap go offline so you can see the save videos. And it will let you save the video offline. To later to watch it, if you have a low connection or something like that, you can use this trick to use that. Like, we have the random video right now, like top eight people who left it, Taewes Hamburg.

So, there you can see that we don’t have any video as of that time, we already played this video. But we can still play it and it’s a YouTube Red Feature. Something like that, so it’s only available in Android and iPhone only. So we don’t know about the web because, in our country, YouTube red is not available. So we cannot use that, so let’s go off online so it will show you that go online. So We are going to tell you how to this feature. Wait a second.

You can see the connection established, go online and when we try, you know, just go add tab anywhere. So, tap anywhere and maybe we have to go into the portrait mode, so to do that, so you can see where this little icon, over here near to this camera. So when you tab it and you will get the option save or video offline for the later. So you can say, you have a setting to select and you can also click on remember. Save or something like that so it will start saving video, something here you can see that was the logo. So it will start transferring the thing or your video. And you will see it next time whenever you feel free to watch and you know awesome.

If you don’t have a connection, low connection or you don’t have a regular connection, you can save it for the later William is but you need at least one account to do that. If you don’t have an account, created right now, because without connect account, it cannot save your video skills. It will be saved into your account or it will be saved into your phone or memory card. Whenever your space is left. With the next update of this article, we will mainly let you know about – Where is video downloading available?

How do I download audio, music or MP3 files from the YouTube App? How do I download videos from YouTube to my Computer? Why cannot I see my downloaded Youtube videos in my gallery? How do we share videos on YouTube? Do videos download automatically? Like that, hundreds of questions are there which in general are frequently asked ones. All such FAQs will be answered in the next articles or second guide of this article on our website. Thus, stay tuned and check us out to learn, what’s new.

Hopefully, all your questions related to download YouTube Videos MP3, YouTube video downloader free download, download youtube videos high quality, download YouTube mp3, free video downloader, free Youtube download, telecharger video Youtube and YouTube Video converter app etc. are cleared. Still, if you’re facing any questions regarding How To Send WhatsApp Message Without Saving Mobile/Phone Number? just let us know using the comment box below.

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