How To Import Articles From Google Docs to WordPress: Today we are going to show you how to transfer your content from a Google Doc into WordPress. It should be more simple than you think. But when you copy and paste all of your content from a Google Doc into WordPress, it can be really difficult to keep the formatting the same. So, if you have H1s, H2s, if you have photos, if you have Boldwood bolded words, italics, it actually will not stay when you copy and paste it into WordPress which can be annoying. How To Import Articles From Google Docs to WordPress

How To Import Articles From Google Docs to WordPress

It can take a lot of time to reformat everything too. We upload all of your images into WordPress. So, we were personally really frustrated with this process. And, so we set out to find a solution and we finally found it and we are going to share it with you now. So, as you can see here, we have this word Doc here it’s a blog post that we write called the top marketing analytics tools and the top one is in the blog next.

We have the logo here, and we have an image right down here and we have folded words and we have H3 headers and we have this long 21 page posts with lots of images and formatting and we don’t want to have to redo it all in WordPress. We would like to simply upload it there, so let us show you how to do that, using a tool called Word Abul, you can instantly upload your content from Google Docs into WordPress.

It has saved us so much time, we are going to show you how it works. So, when login into You can try it for free. They will let you have 24 hours of unlimited uploads. So, if it’s just one blog post that you need to upload or maybe you have a bunch, you can upload as many as you can in one day. Otherwise, they charge $19 a month which is so. So worth it, for all the time that you save. So, does what were double looks like inside. It takes not even three minutes to sync in with your Google Docs.

Sink in with your WordPress, you just log in through Google Doc, log in through WordPress and it instantly has access to all of your Google Docs and it can send them in split second to WordPress. So, here you will see that this top marketing analytics tool are a – Google Doc is one of our documents and if we want to send it to WordPress. All we have to do is click export, the title top marketing analytics tools, export it as a post, we want to export it WordPress, we just click that button.

There it is, top marketing analytics tools and if we click in, you can see that all the formatting should be preserved. There it is – so we have got our images, graphics, videos etc. all imported into the WordPress directly. Still, there got the list just like it was in the Google Doc, the photos again. Thus, everything stays intact, which is such a huge time saver. So, again, it’s called the best software to import from Google Docs to WordPress.

We highly recommend, it is very much worth the $19 a month, if you think about how much your time is worth, it’s probably worth, you know, we probably spend. You know, like two hours. And an hour to editing every post, when we have to transfer it over and so we think that it’s worth our time. It is worth more than $19 an hour. So, we would say – per month, it pays for itself.

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