Real-Time Tricks To Manipulate-Used by Manipulative People.

How you will feel if I say there are some tricks and techniques with the help of which you can easily manipulate or can influencer someone with the help of which you can make them take actions which you wanted them to take. Whether that request is buying your product or service or whether to subscribe your channel no matter what request it is you can make them do. Many Manipulative People do this. Am I Manipulative is the question which comes to your mind every now and then.
If you are not then you can learn and Succeed. You will Learn the Signs of Manipulation.
With the help of which you can make them fulfill your request without forcing them.
You can persuade someone can manipulate someone and can make them do what you want them to do.
Maybe after listening to the above things I said, you will find my talk weird, maybe you’ll find my talk nonsense or maybe you will think I am talking useless stuff that’s not possible.
Well if someone would have said this to me earlier that yes we can manipulate someone
or can influencer them to do what we want them to do, even I would have felt the same way, that it is useless. 
But now after reading and understanding the psychology influence of Persuasion and Pre-suasion book and after watching these tricks and techniques in real life even I believe that yes we can manipulate anyone
From successful salesman to big companies, everyone uses these tricks and techniques to sell their product.
Even politicians use this tricks and techniques to win and after watching my own life, I can surely tell you that yes there are some tricks and if you use them properly then you can persuade people at a very high level you can’t even imagine.
It’s not black magic, but it’s a science-based research principle which is stored in our brain since the ancient time. Before sharing such knowledge I would like to request you all that please don’t use such knowledge for wrong ways or for bad ways.
Yes, it’s a fact that this knowledge can be used for bad ways or wrong ways but you should understand and remember those wrong ways or bad ways never give you benefit for the long term.
Achieving anything in the wrong way will not give you profit for the long term.
In fact, the wrong way will ruin your life, destroy your life and make it worst.
Hence use this knowledge for good things, for mutual benefits, do some great work which not only helps you but also benefit others.
If I talk about the book, then earlier I thought of making ‘pre-suasion’ book summary but while listening to the pre-suasion audiobook I realized that it would be great if I first share The psychology influence of ‘persuasion’ book summary.
Both books are written by the same author “Robert Cialdini”.
But actually, pre-suasion is the second book which compliments the first book of Robert.
However, The psychology influence of persuasion book tricks and principles are so awesome
hence I decided that it would be the best day to share it with everyone.
So let’s begin…
After surviving thousands of years, the human brain created many shortcuts for making decisions.
So that they can save their energy and can take decisions quickly.
These shortcuts are nothing but just triggers with the help of which our brain takes a decision.
Today we live under overloaded informative world, hence today we people are more depended on these triggers compare to any other era or time.
Because we people don’t have much time or energy to think about all this information.
We, people, make regular actions on the basis of these triggers, not on the basis of facts and logic.
All this happens at a subconscious level hence we don’t even realize.
There are 6 triggers under this book, and I have added two extra triggers on the basis of book information.
We take decisions on the basis of these triggers and with the help of it, you can persuade people.
So let’s understand it, let’s begin…
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Tricks and Tips To Manipulate or Influence Someone


Most of the time we have seen that when any book gets banned then the quantity of reader for that book increases instead of getting low.
Which means banned word attracts people even more to read that book.
You must have seen, that when you stop a child to eat something or when you shout at him for something then instead of not doing it again, that child does it, even more, they start doing it more than usual.
Why they behave like this? 
Similarly, parents who give less or no freedom to their children for doing anything. 
If you notice then you’ll see that such kids become more rebellious, they start lying and eventually do things which they are not allowed to do. 
Why such behavior takes place?
Because In ancient time, Survival was very difficult things which were needed the most were used to be very limited.
Needed things availability was very less, it was scarce, hence our brain naturally created more attraction for those scarce or limited things.
Even today we have that attraction within us, it is still there in us.
Today we feel very attracted to things which are very limited or less or towards the thing which is really hard to get, we feel attracted towards things which have less availability.
You will notice that we people mostly take actions for those things which are either limited or for things which we feel will lose or someone will take it if we don’t take quick action.
Example, Companies use this trick or principle for their benefit, they make limited edition products.
They make limited edition not because they can’t make more but because Limited thing triggers our brain to take action, make us feel that limited is less and if we don’t take action we might lose it.
Similarly, you will notice in advertisements, they say hurry, the offer is limited for today. You won’t get this offer tomorrow etc, all examples are for this principle.
You can use this principle in every aspect of your life.
Example, many Dating Gurus advice in order to make attraction i.e., don’t always be available for your crush.
Also, Don’t say Yes for every request they ask, at the start you should do this so that you can avoid the curse of friend zone.
Another big example is of ABC channel, what happened was, that ABC, CBS, AND NBC.
All three channels wanted to put a movie first on their channel.
But actual problem was that only one channel can show that movie first, hence they decided to do an Auction.
Like who will first show the movie by this that movie became very important, all channel bid high to get that movie first.
In fact, ABC bought that movies right for 3.3 million because of which he faced 2 million loss.
An auction is the best place where you can see the use of this principle in action.
You will notice that people spend in millions over there for weirdest things or for strange things because at that time people used to fight for those kinds of stuff and to them those things appears very important and limited.

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Use of this principle is seen behind our irrational love for pandas.
Billion of dollars are used for these cute pandas so that they don’t extinct.
Yes, I believe that this is a very kind and holy deed we are doing and even I don’t like to live in a world where pandas don’t exist. 😉
But there is also a sad reality, that there are many other species which are getting extinct.
Where saving many species are much easy and it is very important for us to save them for our
environment, ecosystem and indirectly for us(humans).
But, still we are not getting money and resources to protect them save them, no one is helping why because those species are not as cute as pandas.
Reality is that we are ready to do anything for someone whom we like or love a lot.
We are ready to do anything for them without thinking logically, most of the people find difficult to say NO to their beautiful and handsome crush.
If they request something, we people easily get influenced by people whom we like or love a lot.
Now as we know that liking has a lot of impact on our behavior actions and decisions.
So, this principle is used very carefully and properly for persuasion, chances of making someone say YES to you for any request becomes high when the opposite person already likes you.
Now the main question comes how you can make someone like you?
There are a lot of things you can do…

1- Work for your physical attractiveness.

Try to look as beautiful, handsome or impressive as you can, wear proper neat clothes, always smell good, comb your hair properly because good looks are also connected to other human traits such as honesty, Humor, trust etc.

2- Similarity.

Do search similarity between you and the opposite person.
We like people who are like us, whether the similarity is related to our opinion, interest, hobbies, personality or in our backgrounds.

3- Compliment.

People love compliments.
Hence, Give compliments to others. We love people who praise us surprisingly even if people know that the opposite person is giving fake compliment still people like it.
So you only think how impactful genuine compliment can be.! 🙂

4- Contact and co-operation.

How many times you meet and see people also has a great impact on liking.
We like people who we see regularly. So try meeting people regularly.

5- Conditioning and Association.

Try to associate yourself with good things and with good people.
Example, we find models good looking and attractive, hence we also like a car which used place behind that model.
So, You must have understood until now that why beautiful girls are hired in every advertisement anywhere from pen to cement we see beautiful girls in every advertise.
Let’s Move ahead. Back To The Topic.

Commitment and consistency

At Time of Korean war, Chinese soldiers kept American soldiers as their prisoners.
Chinese soldiers tried hard to get some insight valuable information from American soldiers but even after torturing American soldiers they were just not giving any information.
Then finally Chinese soldiers asked those American soldiers to write something bad about America.
Daily one line, like America, is not a perfect country, or communism is good or American has less job etc.
Daily writing bad and negative things against America finally commitment and consistency worked.
Slowly gradually a time came where many American soldiers started supporting China and they were against America.

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People love to be committed and consistent and such people love these qualities in others as well, so if you ask a person to commit for something small or if you ask someone to take a small action, then chances of making them commit something big or making them take big action will for sure increase.
Example, An experiment happened where few people were asked to wear a cancer awareness button for a week.
Now this action was very small and very harmless so people said yes for wearing it.
After some time same people were asked to donate for the same cause, guess what those people not only agreed to give a donation but they donate more than other groups.
Reason for this result was that 1-week commitment of wearing that button and consistency made that cancer-fighting awareness small part of their identity. This result wouldn’t be possible by just asking for help or for donation.
Similarly, even you can persuade someone by making them committed and consistent.


In an experiment, nurses were asked to do things which were against hospital rules but still nurses did it without asking a single question and they were not even scared why?
Because the person who asked them to do it was a doctor, that person was a fake doctor, he was asked to become a doctor to prove this principle.
Since childhood, we refer to those people whom we consider as superior to us.
Since then we are asked to listen to the authorities, first listen to parents, teachers, government, police managers etc the list goes on.
They have the power to command us, like what we should do what we shouldn’t do and we follow what they say because we feel that if we don’t obey what they command then something bad or negative will happen. 
Thinking this way is not always right. Three Things which trigger this thing is:

If a normal person tells us to do something, we won’t listen to him but if a Doctor says something then we will follow or if a Ph.D., President Professor etc says then also will listen and follow them.


We give more importance to people who wear uniforms or people who wear religious clothes and that is why we easily get manipulated by them.

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These are some things which tell us about personal authority and about their level such as badges, expensive suits, car etc.
All such things give us a signal that we should obey them or not.
That’s why you’ll see that Most of the big companies in their ads show Fireman, Doctor or Police to Increase chance of selling their product.
Even you can use trapping title or authority in order to persuade people.
So Everyone reading this, I am very much sure that you all agree to these psychological tips from which we can manipulate someone to do as we want or to say Yes for what we want them to do.
So that’s it, people. In Future will come up with new Ideas J Thank You for Reading. Lots of Love.

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Thank You 🙂 

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