How To Protect Your Blog’s Content from Copy-Paste (Using Plugins)

How To Protect Your Blog’s Content from Copy-Paste (Using Plugins): In this article, we will introduce you to a WordPress security plugin specifically for protecting send content on your website, your data text and images. The plugin, we once talked about here is the WP Content Copy Protection and no right-click plugin boy. That’s a very long title for a Plugin but anyways, this is a very powerful plugin for protecting information data text images, that you have on your website.How To Protect Your Blog's Content from Copy-Paste (Using Plugins)

How To Protect Your Blog’s Content from Copy-Paste (Using Plugins)

So, as an example right now, take a look at this website, one of our websites, this is a sample business website, right now, anyone can come in here and simply like click copy the text. They can view the images, open them in a new tab, download the images if they wanted to so. If you wanted to prevent people from being able to copy your text or download your image, this is the plugin you want to use WP-Content Copy Protection and no way, click it is by WP Buy.

So, let us show you how to make use of this plugin. And, by the way, it has over a hundred thousand active installations. So, this is quite a fairly popular security plugin. Anyway, go ahead, download and install the plugin now. We have done that already now, we are going to go ahead now and activate this particular plugin. We are going to do that and as soon as we activate the plugin, and you do the same, you should see the protection link right here with a big grey padlock.

This means, our website is now secure. So, if we go back to our cell right now, and do a hard refresh. We can no longer copy any text. We can view any text at all and you can see right now, we have the message that says – Alert, Content is Protected. So, by default, right now, the Plugin is already active and it’s protecting our data. Now, if we go back to the back end and we come over here to settings, you should see the WP-Content Copy Protection links.

You can click on there and this is where you can make adjustments to the default settings of the Plugin. So, right now, on the main settings, which is the kind of like the basic layer, you have the Post’s Protection by JavaScript, it’s enabled which means that no one can copy anything from our single post. It’s enabled, you have got the home page protection by JavaScipt.

Don’t copy anything even for our home page, that’s enabled and we have also got these static page protections to your regular pages are also protected by default and this is the message. Right here, which will be displayed whenever anyone tries to copy any of our data. Content is protected.

So, you can change the default message in here. So, let’s do this, what we want to do is to disable our post protection. So, let us save our settings in there and let’s see if there is a change. So, we are going to go back to our front end and we are going to attempt to open up a blog post and let’s see if we can now like click on any one of them. Let us open up this one. Alright? So, we have a blog post right here and now you can see, we can copy text well, we cannot right-click.

But we can copy the text if you use our keyword. You can see we can highlight the text and all we can do, right now is we can use our keyboard just to copy the text. If we want it, so you can see right now, that to a certain extent, we have reduced the level of protection for our single posts. If we come over here right now to the premium, radically protection tab in here, by default, the disabled right-click is still active for posts. So, if we decide to uncheck this one right now, which means, we want to enable by clicking on our posts, we come down in here. Save our settings, let’s go back in here and let’s see if we can now right-click on our blog post.

So, we can copy our click and there you go. We can now right-click on our text, simply because we have disabled the right-click option. For the Nova Click Option for the posts. So, this is what you can do under the human medial protection, you can choose to allows users to right-click on certain parts of your website. You have got the post, the home page and then static pages. We will keep this on for now and then you have got the premium protection or by CSS and the only option you have available with the free version of this plugin is to protect your home page by CSS trick. So you can decide to enable or disable that if you wanted to.

So as a quick recap under your main set, since this kind of like V the most robust of protections, basically no one will be able to copy anything like click anything it just completely disables any kind of any interaction between the user’s mouse and keyboard and then with your website under the Pyramid, click protection, you can reduce things by a notch.

You can allow users to right-click on certain parts of your website and allow them to copy maybe even download images and then finally under the parent protection by CSS, you can choose to protect your home page only or just disable insert protection for your home page. Specifically, now under the mall with Pro, in you are going to have access to a lot more features, if you decide to buy the premium version of this particular plugin personally.

Even after reading this in-depth guide on How To Protect Your Blog’s Content from Copy-Paste (Using Plugins), still, if you are facing any questions related to How To Protect Your Blog’s Content from Copy-Paste (Using Plugins), just make sure to let us know in the comment box below.

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