How To Protect Your Website From Hacking: WordPress Security Tips

How To Protect Your Website From Hacking: WordPress Security Tips: This topic is HUGE. And, hacking (whether it’s WordPress hacking or not), is illegal + can occur in different modes. Different modes here means that – your website may be quarantined, your hosting may be quarantined and many other ways. In today’s guide about How To Protect Your Website From Hacking: WordPress Security Tips, we will mainly be focusing on WordPress websites hacking.

How To Protect Your Website From Hacking: WordPress Security Tips

But what if your hosting account is disabled and we have to contact the host and have them help us through this process. We are going to show you how that works? In this section, we are going to clean up the hosting account and the hacked website as well. And, we are getting started right now. If you like WordPress tips and tricks and getting better at it and serving your clients better. If the website is hacked in a way that your hosts detected it, they quarantined the website files but didn’t show an account suspended as you see.

We were still able to access the cPanel for the website, stable to do everything, we needed to do to fix the website without contacting support now. We are going to replace all the plugins to make sure there no back doors. If you will not replace or disable all the existing plugins, then there will be back doors to enter the website and enabling it to hack. So, the next section of this article will be a little bit deeper. Although we are going to keep it simple, yet you are requested to stay in touch with every word.

WordFence Plugin: Best Security Plug-in Of All Times

In the remaining section of this article, we will be discussing all what if the hosting is quarantined. But here, we will talk about – What If your website is running well, and you’re willing to take precaution. That your website may never hack (in next few years especially).

So, here we are introducing you to the free security plugin called WordFence. Now, WordPress is the number one recommended security plugins for a lot of good reasons. There are a lot of crazy people out there, who like to spam your website with Viagra or like you know porn stuff and all. Also, crazy comments are there. Now, this plugin blocks around a thousand attacks every single minute because there are so many spammers out there, their computers who are just trying to attack websites and invade it for no apparent reason. Just because there are a lot of crazy people, now this plugin does a lot more than just protect your website.

It can set up firewalls so, in that case, you want to go ahead and filter out the certain countries as well. Now, it will also automatically scan your website to make sure there’s no malware or Trojans or anything that they inject in your SQL. And, it also shows you – your LIVE traffic, now, for example, has to be hundreds of visitors that visiting 6000 pages a minute, that’s probably not a human right. So, this website will allow you to block people like that.

Faceless Computer Hacker

Then, it also gives you a lot of other things to allow you to block people. It gives you a lot of other cool tools, and it’s also like to audit your website and gives you a lot of information. So, in this tutorial, we are going to give it like – go ahead, run, you guys through it, show you the ins and outs of it because security should be your number one focus. You know, is that rapid, so people will not be allowed to look at your administrative panel, without any information.

We will be hacking your website and the worst thing that you can happen is you wake up and your website is going with some crazy message on it. Like you have been hacked to me it happened to me. So, we want to make sure that any such thing doesn’t happen with you people as well.

At this point, if your account is suspended, we can’t do anything. We can’t access the admin if we go into our hosting account and we try to go into the cPanel. The cPanel is inaccessible, this is in motion hosting by the way. The entry highlighted in red is the one that suspended click on cPanel and we cannot access our SC Panel the login does not work. So, we have to do is contact the host support which we are going to do right now. So, we are going to go to get support instead of motion and today is Sunday. By the way, if you look up here on the right, it is Tuesday, 23 July 2019.

We would call them, but because it’s much easier to record a chat, then it is a phone call and the way we are writing the articles, we are just going to launch chat and see if we can get on chat. We believe it’s possible. We are going to choose the tech department type. Type of support you need can access cPanel. Our name, email, which domain is this, for our website counts in.

Also verified, maybe help with you. So, we are just going to go today, that our website was hacked. It was suspended and we need help accessing the cPanel to clean up the hack, we are just going to copy this. Because, sometimes, the agents see this at the very beginning something, they don’t so instead of retyping it.

Later, it’s going to copy that and we are going to see if the chat agent is helpful and lets us unlock our website. Another thing they often do is that it will give you a list of compromised files which is super helpful. Make sure to clean up a lot easier and we are going to request the cPanel to be unlocked and the list of possibly hacked files. So that we can make a cleanup a lot easier. If you are facing any questions related to How To Protect Your Website From Hacking: WordPress Security Tips, just make sure to ask us in the comment section below.

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