List Of Things To Keep In Mind Before Buying Web Hosting

List of things to keep in mind before buying web hosting: There are so many different types of web hosting accounts to choose from. And, it could get a little confusing and a little overwhelming to keep tabs and to understand the different types of hosting. So, you could choose the right hosting for your situation and your needs and that’s the purpose of this article. It will help you to be able to choose the right web hosting for you. First, we want you to know what to expect in this article. 1: It is going to help you choose the right hosting, whether you just want one website, multiple websites, eCommerce website, online learning course website, you are a web developer and you are hosting the websites for clients. That’s what this will is for to help you choose the best web hosting package for you. Now, it’s also going to be very helpful to identify what other types of hosting are out there.List Of Things To Keep In Mind Before Buying Web Hosting

List of things to keep in mind before buying web hosting

And, what you should be looking for when deciding what host is for you. So, you can know when it’s time to change the web hosting providers. Because we all start someplace but then we might need to make changes as time goes on and so we are going to help you identify those. Now, you might be surprised. Will all these details be possible in just one article. They will be, just trust us. But, if you are interested in recommendations, go for Godaddy for small websites and go for Digital Ocean for larger websites. We have a big problem when it comes to hosting and it usually boils down to expectations.

Right, so we all want the Ferrari. Right, we want the nice fast beautiful car or maybe if you are not a Ferrari Person like me, you might like a convertible luxurious Bentley. Any kind of that. But, we don’t have the budget at all as per our expectations. We might just have a budget for Toyota. Now, there’s nothing wrong with Toyota’s. We have been driving Toyota for years. And we are saying that with our own experience. We get the Toyota vs. the experience in a Ferrari are going to be different. The price tag is different, the handling is different, the interiors different.

Every aspect of these two experiences is going to be different. And, that is a lot of how hosting is. We want the Ferrari, but we might only have the budget for the Toyota. And, that’s Okay. But, you just want to go in with the right expectations. And, that’s why you can see one hosting package costs five dollars per month and one hosting package cost $500 per month. There’s this difference. But, there is something that you get. That’s different depending on what you pay.

So, we have broken down to the four criteria that you should use when deciding and evaluating various hosts and we like to call this and we coined this term. We didn’t get it from anywhere else but from our own experience. The first one is the speed. So, depending on the plan that you choose, and the companies you want to be looking for. How fast is your website going to load? So that’s the first one. The next one is supported. Are you going to get support, not just our websites down? Can you help me but support like I don’t know what happened to my WordPress password. We cannot log in, can you maybe fix that for me? Or, we are trying to update this plugin. It’s not working, can you fix this for us in WordPress specific support?

So, the different support you get and we think support is one of the most important experiences that you want to evaluate when choosing a web host. As the support experience that you are going to get the level of help, you are going to get and do they have a WordPress expertise. Next, is security. Security is the connote number one – including a free SSL certificate. That’s must be there nowadays. Some hosts still don’t so this. A lot of them have been getting on the bandwagon. But, security goes a lot further than that. Another website of security is – are they taking proactive measures to prevent and block brute-force attacks on your website.

Scanning for vulnerabilities on your website, things like that – this is what we are talking about when we are referring to security. Also, side note – with that, not all the web hosts and this is a big pain point for people is if you have an outdated plugin on your website. Your website gets a vulnerability, gets hacked into and now you have got all this junk on your website. Is your website going to clear that out for you and most web hosts don’t? But, there are certain ones that you do pay more for, that are more than happy to clean your website out for you. And, the next one is Speciality.

And, what this is – the web hosts provide any specific features for WordPress users and so speciality would be a staging area and what that means is – instead of just updating your website and then later finding out there’s a problem that you can log in. Click a button, one button and it will create this separate instance of your website. Where, you can go and test different things, test different designs, update plugins and see if it causes any problems. This kind of staging area. So, that’s a perfect example of a speciality. Another speciality is some form of caching and that’s a speed optimisation.

Do they have some of these WordPress specific specialities, some of the hosts will update your website for you. They will do all of these different things to that’s one fo the thing you want to evaluate when choosing a web host for you. Even after reading this in-depth guide related to List of things to keep in mind before buying web hosting, still if you are facing any questions or problems regarding the topic that is List of things to keep in mind before buying web hosting, please make sure to let us know your exact issue in the comment box below.

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