What Is Medic Algorithmic Update?

What Is Medic Algorithmic Update?: Google Medic Update – So the Google Medic Update was an update that came out, that made it so that a lot of certain types of websites did not rank as well and we are seeing this Google Algorithm update which is when Google changes the way that they rank websites. Reverberate across the internet. So, the first thing that you are seeing here is an article by Search Engine Roundtable and what they are showing here is that the update is done. So, it’s fully rolled out, it is complete now.What Is Medic Algorithmic Update?

What Is Medic Algorithmic Update?

We are still seeing a few functions that are being taken care of. Another important thing to learn is – who has affected the most following Medic Algorithmic update. Google has a lot of different types of countries that they have different Google domains in right. So, there are different Google search engines for every different country. So, as Global went across, you know, all of these different, all the different countries and a lot of people thought that it had to do with what’s called your money, your live pages and these are pages that have to do with your money, so financial types of websites are life or health types of website.

And, as we get a little bit more into the data, you are going to see a bit more on that on this. So, as you can see in this pie chart right here, you can see that big blue area right here shows that a lot of health websites were impacted. You can see also that a lot of business websites were impacted in this area right here. A lot of e-commerce websites here. Now, we don’t know that eCommerce is a website business model. It’s not a theme of the website.

So, those could have been healthy e-commerce websites. So, that’s quite crucial and then you can see these financial websites have it had a quite big impact as well. And, then you know there’s been quite a bit of people have done some studies on these different things. That impacted them and you know based off that. There was, there are a few things that kind of came out. Let me see if we can find this for you. Real quick. So, basically, and we cannot. But, already went through the data. So, we will just tell you a little bit about it. So, what happened is – it looks like the websites that had higher domain authority. Those websites with higher domain authority are ranking better and the ones with lower domain authority. So, we don’t have as many external hyperlinks pointing at them from quality websites are ranking worse.

If they are not well optimized, then they are not ranking as well either. So, it’s like these general important indicators of quality websites. Just got much more important in Google. Decide to make that change and because of that, some websites are benefitting in some sites are not. Now, we will tell you one more quick thing.

So, if you look at tools like SEMrush for example, what you are going to see is that there are a lot of fluctuations and in some of the cases, those are not 100% correct. So, please keep that in mind that the fluctuations may not be 100% correct for your website. So, if you are seeing a drop, you know, sure check it out and try to find out which areas drop. So, look at your Google Analytics and look at the specific landing pages and look for drops, there look at the SEMrush and look at those specific landing pages and try to figure out the drop are there but then also we recommend spot-checking it.

Because, we think, you might see that quite a few of those are being affected by the Medic Algorithmic Change. Even after reading this in-depth guide related to What Is Medic Algorithmic Update?, still, if you are facing any questions regarding the topic or if any problem regarding What Is Medic Algorithmic Update? please make sure to let us know your exact issue in the comment box below.

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