Meditation Guide for Newbies-Audiobooks to help Beginners 2019

Meditation Guide for Newbies-Audiobooks to help Beginners 2019

Hello Friends, Hope You Doing well :)) So Today we will Talk about Meditation for Newbies and some AudioBooks to help them in their Initial Stage. Let’s Start…

Improve yourself, overcome the stagnation of our thoughts, evolve: these goals can only be achieved by focusing on the here and now, without distractions of any kind. And the practice par excellence that allows us to achieve this state of mind is precisely meditation.

However, the biggest obstacle for newbies is often the inability to start off on the right foot due to the difficulty of concentrating for long periods: the benefits of meditation are achieved only through constant practice, which over time leads to a greater mastery of oneself and of the activities of the mind. But what if you can’t overcome the concentration barrier?
Precisely because meditation is not an occasional practice and needs constant and daily exercises, even for just a few minutes, having a guiding voice is extremely useful for keeping the attention focused on the present moment – for this reason, guided meditations are gathering more and more consents. 
If you have no way to attend a meditation course, using an audiobook is an incredibly practical, economical and effective alternative to promote concentration, and is a useful resource both for those who are approaching meditation and for those who meditate for a long time. time.
The audiobooks that we offer in this guide contain basic and more advanced meditation techniques, to support the journey towards a more lucid mind free from the chains of anxiety and stress.
Meditation guide for newbies-Audiobooks to help beginners 2019

Audiobooks for meditation: 4 titles not to be missed for your guided meditations

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Meditation – The Detachment of Paul L. Green

Who wouldn’t want at least once a day to break away from the whirl of thoughts that fill our minds? The audiobook Meditation – The Detachment of Paul L. Green is very useful in this sense, thanks to the methodology derived from the yogic meditation. 
Through detachment, one can verify how vain and illusory certain thoughts are and consequently learn to leave them aside. In this way, we will come to a contemplation of what surrounds us with a harmonious and calm mood.

Meditation Walk by Silvia Roggero

The technique of walking meditation is able to transform a walk in nature into a moment of growth and deep awareness. Meditation-Walk of Silvia Roggero helps to more easily reach the ideal mental state to practice this meditation technique. 

This audiobook, lasting almost 16 minutes, should be listened to while walking in nature. In this way, a simple walk in the park or in a forest can become an experience of well-being and transformation. In fact, Silvia Roggero’s meditations are able to make us connect with the deepest and wisest part of ourselves.

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Ho’oponopono – Thank you, I’m sorry, Forgive me, I love you from Steven Bailey

The Ho’oponopono is a Hawaiian practice for inner reconciliation, the cancellation of negative thoughts and the resolution of inner conflicts through repetition of the mantra. 
There are several audiobooks on the subject offered on the site Il Giardino dei Libri, one, in particular, can be fundamental for a journey of renewal: it is Ho’Oponopono Steven Bailey’s love for yourselfReading guides through the process of problem-solving (Ho’Oponopono) which involves the person starting from Love, the most powerful tool in the world, starting with love for oneself. 
An audiobook that leads to a process of emotional release and divine integration with oneself, using the energy of the hands, the repetition of the mantra and the binaural sounds.
Meditation guide for newbies-Audiobooks to help beginners 2019

Lose weight by sleeping by Eric Edwards

This audiobook, although not strictly related to meditation, helps to let go of worries as it acts during sleep through subliminal programming articulated in eight phases. 
On a conscious level, there is no awareness, but the subconscious receives the message precisely when mental resistances are absent. 

The audiobook Lose weight by sleeping its phases it helps to reprogram its goals, its mind to overcome all those “blocks” that prevent reaching the goal. All during the sleep phase, when the resistance of the conscious mind is detached, while the deepest and most powerful mind is receptive. Using the method is therefore very simple because it is enough to fall asleep and be guided by the process for the entire duration of sleep.


Meditating does not mean having mystical visions or acquiring superpowers. But we all have a spirit, often suffocated by daily needs; meditating means stopping to capture the essence of ourselves, of the things that surround us. 
But above all meditation, in order to truly represent an opportunity for growth and improvement, must be a daily practice and not an occasion of occasional concentration.
The best way to approach this wonderful discipline alone and without great resources is to take advantage of the power of guided audio meditations. We hope that these audiobooks can effectively accompany you on your journey to the here and now.

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