How to Overcome Laziness? How to Stop Procrastinating?

How to Overcome Laziness? How to Stop Procrastinating?

Hello Beautiful People, What’s going on. J Hope you doing good. Let’s start with Today’s Topic now. 

In order to properly
develop a tactic of dealing with something, you must first study the
enemy. In this case, the Laziness or Procrastinating will be the
enemy. Therefore, we will have to deal with what this Laziness or
Procrastinating is, where they came from on our head, what they want from us
and how much they are a negative character.
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and Negative sides of Laziness or Procrastinating.

Laziness or
Procrastinating is an unusual phenomenon of nature, peculiar to both people and
animals. However, it was the people who singled it out into a special phenomenon, which, as a rule, was negative. 

Animals, although they often
behave in accordance with its laws, hardly consider it to be something bad and
do not blame themselves for inaction (if you watch a cat, you can see that she
spends most of the time indulging in laziness, although if necessary she is
always ready to jump).

By laziness accepted
refers to as a negative phenomenon. And there are a number of reasons for

1. Due to laziness or
procrastinating, we do not fulfill various tasks and responsibilities, do not
develop and, even worse, degrade as individuals.
2. We are bitten by
the feeling of guilt for the unfulfilled affairs, for the fact that we do not
benefit either ourselves or others.
3. We fall into depression
and let laziness take over us.
As you can see, one
follows from the other. Unable to break this circle, we are spinning most
of our lives in an attempt to force ourselves to do something.
On the other hand,
laziness can act as a positive character. For example, laziness is
considered to be the engine of progress. Mankind would not have invented
anything if it were not lazy enough. You can even say that we are a little
lazy, because if laziness was a little more, then you see, there would be
no wars.
As Buddhists say,
“Laziness is a way to fight evil.” It is impossible to disagree with
them. After all, the intentions and actions of people are aimed solely at
personal gain. Of course, this does not mean that a person does evil,
acting in this way, but negative heroes, as well as positive ones, think that
they are doing good.

The positive sides of
laziness include:

1. Saving energy, that
can later be directed to something else.
2. The opportunity to
3. Preservation of
4. Good mood (in the
case of the correct laziness).
But the main benefit
of laziness or procrastinating is that it shows what you like to do and what
not. After all, if you find a thousand excuses not to engage in any
business, then it is unlikely that you really like it. But if you spend
hours in a row giving yourself to some occupation, then no laziness will
interfere with you.

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of Laziness or Procrastinating.

Laziness is not an
innate property. The causes of laziness or procrastination, like many
other psychological problems, are rooted in childhood. Then they develop
with the passage of life and envelop a person from all sides, giving him a lot
of problems. If you remember yourself being lazy in your childhood, then
perhaps you adopted a model of your loved ones very early.

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There are several
typical situations that give rise to the development of laziness in a
developing personality:

1. The situation when
you are forced to do what you do not want to do (cleaning, homework, etc.).
2. The situation when
you were called lazy, at a time when you were not lazy, but, for example, you
were just tired of doing some work and rested. In this case, the
definition of “lazy” could be fixed deep inside you, even if you did
not agree with the person who called you that.
3. Excessive custody
by adults. When parents do not give the child to develop independently and
do everything for him.
4. The heroes of some
children’s fairy tales do not differ in diligence (a fairy tale about Emelya).
5. Lack of purpose in
6. Imitation of
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of dealing with laziness or procrastination.

The first rule of struggle with laziness or
procrastinating is the acceptance of the fact of its presence in us. Yes,
there is laziness in everyone. Someone opposes it better, someone
worse. Someone is able to not pay attention to it and perform the
necessary actions, it is more difficult for someone to do it. But,
regardless of the level of procrastination in your body, just accept it.
The second rule is: take responsibility for your
laziness. You are not a helpless turtle, which lies on its shell and
cannot roll over. Yes, it is possible that other people are to blame for
the appearance of your laziness, but now it no longer matters. Now only
you can change yourself.

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The child, who was
forced to do what he did not want, actually had a choice. He could not do
that. Of course, it threatened him with punishment, but he had a
choice. Or he could still do it, but inside he would have developed a
magnificent plan, following which he would have grown to be a successful person
who would never again have had to follow someone’s instructions. 
And they say to build another
plan that would destroy all his enthusiasm and turn him into an inimitable
sloth. In any case, the action is performed by the person himself,
although not aware of it, and not by the people who influence
him. Therefore, everyone should take responsibility for their laziness or
procrastinating behavior.
The third rule: stop being a slave of your own
automatism. Pay attention to when laziness makes itself felt. It is
best to keep a diary in which you will record all the situations after which
you feel bouts of laziness or procrastinate. So you track your problem and
be able to develop a plan to capture laziness and its further ignoring. 
Not deliverance,
namely, ignoring. It is impossible to get rid of laziness, but you can step
back from it and not let it control you anymore. You will understand what
you really need in life and erase all the barriers that stand between you and
your goals.

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great ways to deal with Laziness or Procrastinating.

1. Give in to
laziness. Try to really do nothing. Do not watch TV, do not read, do
not eat. Lie down on the sofa and lie as long as you want, try
not to think about anything. Do not worry, nothing will happen to the
worlds during this time. 
But you will soon (or
maybe not soon, but this is not so important) find that you urgently want to do
something. Only be able to distinguish between “must” and
2. If you have to
solve a big problem, break it into many small tasks. You will not be so
scared to start their implementation.
3. Reward yourself
even for small successes.
4. Do exercises in the
morning. Charging and charging to charge us with energy. In addition,
it helps to reduce human sleep by 1.5-2 hours. Here you have time to rest!
5. Being engaged in
monotonous affairs take breaks every 20-30 minutes, distracting for something
more interesting.
6. Define your goal
for each day or make a clear plan of action. It is advisable to do this in
the evening of the previous day because in the morning laziness will take
over you and you will be lying in bed instead of doing something
useful. Try to perform the most important thing in the morning when you
are full of strength and energy.
7. Set
priorities. Set aside all minor matters (read the news, blogs, wash the
dishes, go to the store) and do the main things. Include these minor
matters in your daily schedule and only deal with them at this
time. Otherwise, they will constantly distract you.
8. Do not wait for
tomorrow. It will never come. You still have to do everything
NOW. Start now and it will be easier for you to return to this case next
9. The Japanese system
of struggle with laziness recommends that any case be given exactly 1 minute
per day. Not more! But this should be done every day at the same
time. After all, it does not cause anyone to do anything for one
·        The case, which takes
you 1 hour, break into minutes and return to it every day. To learn
something, to go in for sports, to read educational literature, – all these
difficult lessons will turn into a source of joy. You will feel pride in
the fact that you do at least a certain percentage of all these things. 

a result, you will gain self-confidence and learn to enjoy your own
success. Your minute will grow into 5 minutes, then 10, 15,
etc. Thus, you will manage to cope with laziness.

       It’s always to share your thoughts, again a great way to motivate and inspire you and others, just tell me in the comments what will be your next move for overcoming from these habits.? was this helpful in some or little way at least or not.? let me know. 
Remember, laziness or
procrastinating is not bad. It just is. Like everything in us and in
our world. How we deal with it, whether we can benefit from it or become
its victims, depends on us. 

Good luck and please share it with your loved ones.J

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