What are Backlinks-Types of Backlinks-2019

What are Backlinks-Types of Backlinks-2019

So, My Dear Friends, You must be searching about What are Backlinks and Types of Backlinks available, this will surely complete all your basic questions related to this. Every website has a plethora of links. those may be labeled in unique methods, including the form of content that would be text or photograph or video. links also can be labeled as according to the motive they serve. There are 4 kinds of backlinks(hyperlinks) inside the context of purpose. these are internal and external, incoming and outgoing.

The latter also is called inbound and outbound backlinks. inner and outside links are those which might be posted on the website and respectively redirect the target audience to pages on the internet site or other websites. Outbound backlinks are those that specifically redirect users to different websites, which might also or might not be owned by the identical webmaster or be an affiliate website.

Inbound links, additionally known as inbound links, are posted on different websites wherefrom the target audience is redirected to the linked website or web site.

What are Backlinks-Types of Backlinks-2019

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A quick assessment of inbound links vs. Inbound Backlinks

Inbound links and inbound backlinks may be deemed to be the equal however they’re now not same. All inbound hyperlinks are successfully one-way links but they are not always intentional. for example, if the proprietor of an internet site or an enterprise is putting the oneway links or inbound links on unique websites at spread across the internet, inside the shape of commercials and different contents, then those are intentional and tasked for specific functions along with search engine optimization or to generate greater traffic.

If the inbound links aren’t published or located intentionally, then they’re no longer always satisfactory one-way links. these links may have an unsightly impact.

It is truthful to infer that all inbound hyperlinks which might be intentionally placed are appropriate inbound links. All one-way links that are not intentionally placed are inbound hyperlinks that could or might not be suited. this is why it’s far imperative as a way to discover who links in your weblog.

You need to realize this so you can make the most of the pleasant, proper or powerful links and do away with the unpleasant or unwanted links. you could no longer have to do anything about accidental but useless inbound links in view that they’re not creating a difference, until there may be a purpose to worry about an unfavorable effect.

Why you need to recognize Who Backlinks to your weblog

Back-links are beneficial whilst they’re placed on trusted, relevant and authoritative web sites. The motive of such inbound hyperlinks is to establish trust, to have an expanding presence across the net and to lure extra humans to test out the blog. these back-links have an instantaneous impact on search engine optimization and additionally the internet site rating of a weblog.

You do no longer have to make investments additional time and effort to discover how deliberately located backlinks are acting on unique sites. You have to find out who has linked for your weblog without your understanding. right here are the easy motives why you should do that.

• You need effective one-way links. The number of one-way links you have and the way all the ones inbound links are operating will decide your method. hyperlink constructing is at the crux of SEO and internet site ranking. unless you know wherein all you have links placed redirecting users for your weblog or certainly bringing up a number of your posts, you can’t evaluate your link building strategy and hence your complete technique to SEO can be ineffective, even inconsequential.

• simply as you should be aware of the useless and undesirable inbound hyperlinks, you have to also find out the more powerful and as a result effective back-links. locating those and learning extra approximately them will enable you to conceive a method that similarly explores similar back-links. An approach that has by accident or expectedly labored need to be endured.

• finding out who links to your weblog is important to evaluate and analyze your success or failure. The content in your weblog may be super or it could be observed missing with the aid of some on your audience. you may or might not get many organic back-links.

You could to paintings absolutely difficult to get some inbound links. how many human beings are relating to your weblog and in fact bringing up the content on your website the usage of outbound hyperlinks on their websites will let you know how popular your statistics is if it’s far reliable and in case you are emerging as an emblem.

backlinks or inbound links are brand mentions. There are organic and inorganic brand mentions. The average internet user may not constantly get to segregate one from the other however the search engines like google and yahoo, algorithms assigning ranks to web sites and other applications

Crawling the net will effortlessly tell the difference between natural and inorganic emblem mentions in due course of time. therefore, the objective is to discover extra web sites, corporations or folks who will voluntarily cite your weblog as a reference, source or recommendation at the same time as publishing their contents.

What are Backlinks-Types of Backlinks-2019

A way to discover Who Backlinks to your blog

One of the maximum worrisome effects of no longer understanding who links on your weblog is getting penalized for no fault of yours. If a website that is recognized for spamming and has been a source of phishing assaults or has indulged in prohibited practices as stipulated by means of engines like google and different regulators, then inbound hyperlinks on such systems redirecting net users for your blog can easily dent your recognition.

Your internet site or blog may be presumed to be an affiliate of that website in ordinary instances and it is possible your domain gets flagged.

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There are unfastened and paid solutions available to discover who links in your weblog. the two biggest search engines like Google within the global right now have suitable gear. both Google and Bing may be sufficient which will understand everything about inbound hyperlinks or one-way links. you could use a paid answer too if that fits your purpose.

Google search Console

whether or no longer you use every other unfastened or paid device, you have to truly use Google seek Console. Google is the biggest seek engine on earth. it’s also the maximum advanced in extra methods than one. Google search Console can sincerely discover some links that paid solutions or gear fail to locate and identify.

It’s miles true that Google search Console does convey out all of the inbound hyperlinks or backlinks, many of which won’t exist proper now however it’s miles higher to be aware of everything than missing out on something that subjects. you could get right of entry to GSC or Google search Console just the manner you accessed Google Webmaster tools. It has a new name due to the fact may also, 2015.

Bing Webmaster equipment

Bing is a powerful search engine. Its presence can be at instances dwarfed in many regions of the arena however it is relevant and useful. Bing has its personal plethora of Webmaster tools. you could access most of those gear without the cost and the usage of the one you’ll be capable of locating the links in your weblog.

What are Backlinks-Types of Backlinks-2019

New bloggers or site owners will watch for per week or longer for the applicable data to be collected with the aid of Bing. you will want a Microsoft account. you could search for reviews & statistics. There can be a choice of Inbound links. you could select Export All and download all of the inbound hyperlinks and associated information.

Free and Paid tools to locate backlinks on your weblog(website)

Google and Bing are clearly the default systems to apply for any blogger. Their webmaster gear is beneficial and loose. there’s, in reality, no reason why you need to not use them to find hyperlinks for your blog. you could additionally use other loose tools which include Majestic and Ahrefs. Majestic is deemed with the aid of many to be higher than Ahrefs.

You ought to have your domain validated and then you may reap all of the information relating inbound hyperlinks at no cost. The advanced report generated by Majestic is pretty comprehensive and it is, in maximum cases, as dependable as the facts made available through Google and Bing.

Ahrefs isn’t always as proper as Majestic in the context of link metrics but it does have a large index of back-links, virtually all types of links since inbound hyperlinks for a blog are without a doubt outbound link for the supply internet site wherefrom customers get redirected.

It’s miles feasible that you’ll discover extra inbound hyperlinks using Ahrefs than you may with Majestic. The account with Ahrefs can be created totally free. The verification procedure on your area is likewise unfastened.

There are paid tools inclusive of reveal one-way links and link Explorer. you may be capable of sign up without cost if an ordeal is to be had. you may not get all of the features to be had for paying customers. it’s miles completely up to you whether or no longer you want to strive paid gear.

With Google and Bing by means of your facet along with other loose gear to be had at your disposal, you can absolutely avoid buying now and get as a good deal applicable statistics as you need. examine the hyperlinks and investigate the profiles of folks that are linking in your blog, assessment your back-links approach and enhance your link building procedures.

Thank You For Reading. Remember to Share The Knowledge. You Don’t Know this can work someone needy out there. 🙂

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Vipassana Meditation- Everything Explained in Detail with my Experience

Vipassana Meditation- Everything Explained in Detail with my Experience

Hello Friends, Hope You Doing well :)) So Today we will Talk about Vipassana Meditation. I will Try to cover mostly every topic based on my personal experience. Any Regarding Question you can ask in comments. Let’s Start… 

There are 10 days of Vipassana meditation for 10 hours a day and a complete lack
of communication with other people. I previously attended Vipassana
10 Day Course already. The second time the impression is
calmer, and the results are more interesting. Now I will explain what it
is, how it works and how it can be useful.
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First impressions
Feedback from people after the first course is: “This is an incredible
experience! I became kinder / calmer / understood everything! It will
change your life! You have to try! ”.
 Compare: “I started running in
the morning, I have been running for 10 days already. I feel
awesome! Mood, performance, and sleep improved. It will change your
life! You have to try! ” Thank you, I’ll decide myself somehow.
First impressions are always the same.
What is it
I will give an analogy. Running is an exercise for the
body. You are told: “Run for 15 minutes, watch your breathing and
pulse.” Such exercises develop legs and breathing. There are
trainers and courses for running.
Vipassana is an exercise for the mind. You are told: “Sit an
hour and a half with your back straight, do not move, observe the sensations on
your body, but do not react to them.” Trains balance of mind and
understanding of things. There are teachers and training courses for this

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How it works

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On the course, the technique is explained in terms of the ancient Pali
language. It’s understandable by experience, and it’s hard to explain to
another person. So I took the paper, pen, and Wikipedia and in 10 hours I
restored the process from a medical point of view. It will be Difficult so get
There are the body and sense organs: sight, hearing, taste, smell, touch,
vestibular apparatus.
Sense organs register irritation – this is sensory information. The
brain perceives it as sensations. The sensation is the mental
reflection of the properties of the external environment, which occurs when a
direct impact on the senses.
Each sensation of the brain almost automatically gives emotional
coloring – there are feelings and emotions. The feeling is a
process that reflects a subjective evaluative attitude to real or abstract
Emotions – the same feelings, but not to the object, but to the
situation as a whole. Next, I use feelings and emotions as synonyms. The
brain reacts not only to sensations but also to its own emotions.
For example, someone accidentally
scratched your car, and you got angry. The event has already passed, but
you are angry for another 8 hours. The same with fear, sadness, joy,
interest, guilt, pleasure.
It turns out a chain reaction of emotions that do not give a sober look
at the situation, realize it and survive.
According to one of the definitions, the experience is a special activity on
the restructuring of the psychological world, aimed at establishing a semantic
correspondence between consciousness and being, whose overall goal is to
increase the meaning of life. Simply put, experiencing is the awareness and
accumulation of experience.
But this process starts only when the emotions subside. If
something distracts, the emotion will be pushed into the subconscious and will
remain there as a psychological complex.
If the emotion has been repressed, and the car will be scratched again,
the reaction will be double:
– Yes, how much, @ # $% ^, is it
possible? !!
If the emotion was experienced and realized, the reaction will be more
– Hmm, scratched the second
time. Probably, you should not put the car here. Right.? Make Sense…
It turns out such a process
Sensory information → is perceived in the form of sensations → feelings
and emotions appear in response → a chain reaction of experiences → starts,
which ends with the accumulation of experience or the displacement of a problem
into the subconscious.
The more experienced and conscious
inner experience a person has, the better he understands the situation and acts
more intelligently.
To get this experience, you need to stop multiplying new emotions and
calmly deal with old ones. This is what I do during meditation.

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How to stop multiplying emotions
Get rid of external irritants.
Calm the mind.
Watch sensations and emotions, but do
not respond.
Allow the brain to remember, realize
and experience all that it cares.

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We analyze practical aspects.
How to get rid of external irritants
Go to the meditation course, where there will be 10 days of
rest. The schedule is known, there is no need to keep track of time, there
is no need to take care of food, there is no need to remember about work
either, there is no communication with the outside world, you cannot talk
inside, you cannot read and write, and the meditation itself takes place in a
quiet dark room.
How to learn to calm the mind
Give him a suitable object for concentration. Breathing is best
suited – to observe, but not to try to control it. And at the same time
keep your back straight. If you get upset and bend your back, after 10
minutes she will start to hurt. 
This is guaranteed to bring the mind back
from dreams to reality. A pain feedback system will teach anyone to concentrate
on breathing. It takes the first 3 days or 30 hours of practice.

How to learn to observe emotions and feelings
There is a trick. Emotions are always accompanied by physiological
manifestations. Even if these emotions are based on memories. I remembered
the truck on the opposite line – my heartbeat accelerated, my fists clenched,
my brow frowned. I remembered the cake – saliva flowing.  
The feeling of danger is often perceived as an unpleasant feeling in the
stomach. The art director doesn’t like bad design, and he frowns. The
suppression of emotions does not work – they still appear in micro expressions.
Other physiological parameters – a polygraph works on this effect. Strong
emotions manifest physiologically stronger, weak – weaker, but necessarily

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How to learn to distinguish the most subtle sensations
The phenomenon of adaptation and sensory deprivation will help us.
The sense organs adapt to the strength of external stimuli. For
example, the sensitivity of the eyes in the dark increases up to 200,000 times.
If you get rid of the strong sensations, the brain will begin to distinguish
the weak.
Sensory deprivation – partial or complete deprivation of the senses of
external influence. Short periods of sensory deprivation have a relaxing
effect on a person starts the processes of internal subconscious analysis,
structuring and sorting information, the processes of self-adjustment and
stabilization of the psyche.
If you sit in the meditation hall in silence and half-light without
movement, the brain will begin to distinguish very subtle sensations. 
You can feel the difference in temperature of the incoming and outgoing
air during breathing, the process of reducing different parts of the heart, the tension between the eyebrows during the memory of a scratch on the machine.
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When a person so increases the sensitivity, he learns to scan the body
from head to toe, find sensations, associate them with emotions and
watch. This is the Vipassana meditation technique. The remaining 7
days and 70 hours of practice go for it.
During this time, I remember, experience, realize and complete many
episodes. At the intellectual level, this occurs in the form of insights  —
unexpected, partly intuitive, breakthroughs in understanding the problem posed
and “suddenly” finding its solution.
In the first year, people often notice that they have a lot of fragments
of thoughts. That they are constantly distracted. What most of the
time they spend in different fantasies, and not in reality. Remember and
rethink acts. 
Understand the causes of other people’s
reactions. These are the most frequent and very first insights. More
examples in the reviews and on the links below. Then everything is very
7 days of practice Vipassana on the course – like a few years in everyday
Why 10 days
A 10-day course allows you to master the technique and experience
several serious emotional recessions and rises in a safe environment. Then
comes calm and confidence.
In a shorter period, calm and confidence will not come. Meditation
courses in the evenings can not give a similar effect in principle.
Technique and courses
Vipassana itself, as a technique of meditation, is 2500 years
old. The technique is the same, different teachers teach it a little
differently. I worked on the program of S.N Goenka
. His program is taught in
290 meditation centers in almost all countries of the world. Learning
is based on audio-video records Goenka. 
There is always a certified
teacher on the course to answer questions about the technique of meditation,
and the manager to solve everyday problems.
There are other courses of Vipassana, but I can’t say anything about
There are other techniques of meditation. Those that are associated
with the observation of the breath and the mind should have a similar effect
(according to Goenka). Those that are associated with the pronouncing of
words or the visualization of images can have some effect, but not the one
described here.
What you need to be ready for
The technique is 2500 years old, these courses have been taught since
the 1800s, Goenka himself became a teacher 50 years ago, and for the last 20
years the curriculum has not changed even in small things. 
This makes the
course extremely traditional. In this form, the course works exactly, but
there are many things from the past.
The technique is suitable for people of any religion and
atheists. There are only a few moments where something is explained by
karma, reincarnation and past lives. These things can be discarded, they
do not affect the technique.
The goal of meditation is to achieve happiness and
enlightenment. In principle, the technique allows you to consistently get
rid of all negative emotions and become completely happy. But it’s not
necessary to go that far. You can work with what worries now, and act on
the situation.
vipassana meditation,meditation,vipassana,how to do vipassana meditation,vipassana meditation benefits,vipassana meditation experience,vipassana experience,vipassanā (religious practice),insight meditation,how to do meditation,meditation for beginners,learn vipassana meditation,vipassana meditation hindi,how to vipassana meditation,vipassana meditation 10 day,what is vipassana meditation

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What else:
The course is conducted in 1991
recording in low quality with noises.
Goenka is a Hindu with a raspy voice,
cheerful, peace-loving. He is unlike the Teacher from the monk
movies. The voice can be annoying.
At the beginning and at the end of each
meditation, Goenka sings with her raspy voice in the ancient Pali language. 
At the end of each meditation, for some
reason, the students chant “Saadhu. Saadhu. Saadhu. In the hall
hangs a separate sign explaining that it is not necessary and even harmful if
you do not understand what it means. “Saadhu” means “I agree.” Pronounced
in response to the remark “May everyone in the world be
happy.” It’s cute.
In the evenings, lectures about
technology. The terms are given in the language of Pali and then
explained, but difficult to perceive.
The first 3 days nothing is
clear. We sit, watch the breath, nothing happens. I explained how the first stage works and what will be on the second so that it will be
clearer to you.
Take earplugs with you. No one is immune from the snoring neighbor,
and the snoring in the initial stages does not contribute to the development of
equilibrium. If not taken, you can usually ask the manager.
Take drops from the common cold. A runny nose is very distracting.
In the first few days, each break in the schedule should be used for
sleep. In the evening to sleep immediately. Later, the body begins to
miss 6.5 hours of sleep, but first, you need to restructure.
The sooner you learn to sit for an hour without moving, the sooner real
practice begins. Every session, try to change something and watch the
result. You can ask for pillows, but they will not save. It is
important to find the right posture. 
The correct one is when the back is
straight and the tension on the legs is small. Otherwise, you will have 10
days of seeing back pain.
Lectures listen in their native language. There are translations in
all languages. The material is complex, in a foreign language is perceived
worse. Take lectures as seriously as possible. They have to be
filtered from things like reincarnations, but most of the information is on the

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Why may not work
The main reason is that a person does not understand why he is
here. Need some kind of pain, some kind of problem that he wants to
solve. You can not specify, enough “something is wrong.”
What kind of query is such a result? If there is a request to
“relax and get impressions” – there will be a great rest and impressions. The
second time I went because I wanted to practice concentration, return clarity
of thought, watch the blocks in thinking and think about my goal. The
second time was more productive.
It also happens that a person to doubts the technique (the technique
does not work), the courses (the courses are wrong), the teacher (without the
cassock and the beard), or himself (I can’t). If you do not get rid of
these doubts, even for a while, you really will not succeed.
In which center to pass
I Told you they have around 290 centers all over the world, in almost every country. You can check their main website. You will get to know where you have to be as they will guide you properly with the right instructions. https://www.dhamma.org/en/index Just visit this website and search according to your location.
How much to pay
The first centers Goenka opened in India. I wanted more people to
master the technique and become happier. Goenka was a successful
entrepreneur and paid for the maintenance of the centers himself, so the
students paid only for food. 
But the money of one person is not infinite,
and he changed the model – the student can pay as much as he wants. The
average bill at the same time increased significantly. The centers are
non-profit, the profit goes on development, the centers began to spread
throughout the world.
For myself, I derived the following formula: I take the cost of living in
a hotel in a given area for 10 days and pay from 30 to 100% of this
amount. The first conditionally covers the cost. The second pays for
the participation of a pair of future students.
The centers exist as non-profit organizations according to the laws of
the respective countries and disclose all financial information.
What then
The course is useful in itself, but you need to continue to practice
meditation every day. After the first course, I did not do it. Then he
began to meditate for 20-40 minutes in the morning. 
Now I meditate an hour in the morning and an hour in the
evening. It is more important for me to reflect on the experience of the
day than to watch a TV series. An hour in a day I save on a dream. Not in
the sense that I force myself to get up earlier, but simply the body needs less
sleep if I meditate regularly.
They say that holidays should be switching to some other type
of activity, environment, emotions. If so, it was the maximum switch! And
now again for my favorite job – in my head a lot of ideas.

So My Friends, tell me your opinion about Vipassana Meditation. If anyone
tried it, share your story in comments. It will help more readers.
J Ty and share it with
your loved ones.

15 Perfect Ideas for a Marriage Proposal-Simple and Effective

15 ideas for a perfect
marriage proposal

How to amaze your soul mate asking
for her hand in an original way

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Hello Everyone :)) 
With today’s
article we want to address future spouses; did you find your
partner? Are you ready to ask her to stay by your side for the rest of her
The proposal of marriage, it is generally up to you little boys and it is a
moment to which a lot of girls give great importance
, probably you will
be freaking out in finding an original and nice idea to ask for the hand of
your companion, to make that moment indelible in your memories and why not,
surprise her even a little.
Remember that the most important thing about the marriage proposal will not
only be the sentence you say but also the way in which you will present
yourself and above all the place where you will be will have their not
insignificant relevance, ah … and obviously also the final answer will be
very important!
A piece of very first and indispensable advice that we feel we can give you is that the marriage
proposal that you decide to “stage” must respect yourself and, above
all, the story you are experiencing.

Not all people love blatant or excessively romantic gestures, so consider how
to act according to the tastes of your partner.

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To give you some
help, here are some ideas … some good video which I can guarantee you will love is in the end but before that watching part, let’s finish up with the reading part first…
An elegant and romantic marriage
1. If you are very
keen on tradition or otherwise, it would be very important for your partner
that you respected her, you could ask the girl’s hand to her family (usually
her father), maybe during a dinner where you will all be together for a
particular occasion, such as Christmas, after which make the declaration and
continue the celebrations with the whole family.
2. For a little
romance and simplicity, organize a nice dinner and at the end of it give your
partner three roses and, handing them one at a time, explain the meaning to
her: “This rose represents our past, this is our present and this ‘last
(to which you have previously attached a leaflet with the inscription “Do
you want to marry me?” or insert the ring in the bud) represents our
future … Do you want to become my wife? “.
3. Take advantage of
your partner’s absence from home to implement your plan; begin to sprinkle
the floor with petals, place a few candles here and there and maybe some
post-it notes that one after the other could go to compose your declaration
of love up to directing the girl towards a specific room, whether it is the room filled with balloons and with a heart of petals on the bed or the
bathroom, in which you have created a splendid atmosphere with the tub filled
with water and rose petals, this is up to you to decide.

The important thing
is that in those rooms you will have to be there waiting for her with the
engagement ring or you will have her find the small casket of the ring with
the last post-it with the words: “Do you want to marry me?”.
marriage proposal,marriage proposal ideas,best marriage proposal,proposal ideas,marriage proposals,marriage proposal video,wedding proposal,proposals,best proposal ideas,proposal video,best proposal ever,romantic proposal ideas,creative proposal ideas,surprise marriage proposal,engagement proposal,funny marriage proposals,best proposal,unique marriage proposals,marriage proposals ideas

Surely it is a very
romantic choice but the important thing will be to make it, even more, your own
by creating the right atmosphere, so why not also select background music and
make sure it starts once you enter the door? You will surely be able to
surprise her even more and make it more exciting.
4. If the romantic the effect is what you want to achieve, organize a walk on the beach, perhaps even
as the sun is about to set; suddenly stop, draw a heart on the ground with
your initials in it, kneel and looking into her eyes, ask her to marry you.
A marriage proposal linked to the romanticism of your memories and photographs:
5. If you are a photo
lover and you have so many together to remember all the moments you shared, you
can decide to cover a wall in your home by creating a great heart with your
images and maybe under each add a romantic phrase or a poem; then place
your largest photograph in the center of the heart and behind it the phrase
“Do you want to marry me?” 

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Each image will generate wonderfully
memories of moments that you will always carry with you, which is why such a proposal
could be very, very exciting.

6. An idea always
linked to photographs, could be to create a book in which you will insert some
images that go to describe each year you spent together, leafing through it,
giving your partner the opportunity to relive the most beautiful stages of your
history until to get to the last page of the book where you could insert the
photo of a ring or actually insert it, accompanied by the words “Do you
want to marry me?”.

7. You could go to a
photographer and have a picture taken with the engagement ring in hand and then
have it transformed by him into a puzzle that you will give to your
partner; let go of the last pieces relating to your hands and the ring,
so, when she finishes the image, she will be really amazed; then complete
everything with a real proposal at the moment.

8. If you want to
surprise her, you could have someone take you to one of those machines that do
the passport photos and while she is out waiting for you, you could take
pictures with the ring box in her hand or with a sign with your declaration of
love and the phrase “Do you want to marry me?”, Waiting for her
reaction when she sees the printed photos come out.
PS: If once you open the curtain you won’t find it out there anymore, it will
mean that the answer would have been negative anyway. 

Or get together in
the cabin to take pictures and at some point, while the car starts shooting,
take out the ring and make your proposal; it will be nice to capture his
reaction with a very first photograph.
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A “surprise” marriage
9. Make the ring
freeze inside an ice cube and during a dinner place it inside its glass
together with other cubes, then add the drink and wait for her to discover the
ring, after which you are ready to kneel and ask her to marry.

10. From a trusted
bakery, you could ask to create some fortune cookies in which you will insert
your ring and a small note. Then organize a romantic dinner and at the
moment of dessert put the fortune cookie on the plate when it opens it will be
really unexpected.
A fun and playful marriage proposal:
11. With the help of
some of your friends or family, you could organize a sort of treasure hunt for
your partner, which will lead you to step by step. To do this you will have
to create cards in which you will be written from time to time precise
directions to follow and will guide you towards the discovery of the subsequent
tickets, up to the final one that will reveal the exact point of the surprise,
where you will find it waiting for you on your knees with the ring in your
hands and ready to ask her to marry you.

You can set up this
treasure hunt where you want it, start it from the girl’s home and end it may be in a very important place for you, such as the place where you gave yourself
the first kiss or where you first saw each other; this will give a further
and exciting meaning to the whole.

12. Always in the wake
of the “game”, you could create a crossword, puzzle or other page and
make sure that it has the phrase “Will You Marry Me?” Or “Do you
want to marry me?” And if you are passionate about boxed games as for
example Scarabeo, make sure that your partner draws the letters to form one of
those two questions or train it yourself inserting also the ring that you will
donate them.

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An original and dramatic marriage
13. Agree with the company that creates fireworks and take your partner out to dinner; in the
restaurant book a table on the terrace that allows you to admire the fireworks
that your partner will believe to be completely unplanned and above all not
destined for her until you begin to make the marriage proposal to her and you
will not put on kneeling before her with the ring box open in your hands.

14. If you like a movie
gestures, take your partner to see a sports match, a basketball game, soccer the match, etc … and during the break, make sure that the cameras take you
partner back to the big screen at that moment kneel down and, handing him a
ring, ask her to become your wife.

15. If you will feel it
and if your goal is to leave your future bride speechless, you can not help but
take inspiration from these videos of some marriage proposals that have really
gone around the world:
Isaac and his
girlfriend Beth. He, actor and choreographer, decided to organize an
exhibition in which he involved friends and relatives. A real musical of
the success of Bruno Mars “Marry you”.
Undoubtedly the
ideas we have given you will require more or less all a minimum of organization
but the surprise that they will generate in your partner will be priceless.
Hoping that you
also liked this article, let us know what you think

Cryptocurrency- What is Blockchain in simple words- The complete guide

What is Blockchain in simple words- the complete guide

The blockchain is the basis of cryptocurrency basics and a term with which 90% of Internet users have already intersected. You are 100% already heard it somewhere. In this material, we will tell you in simple and understandable words about a term that has already begun to change our lives.
Such attention to him is connected with the revolutionism he introduced. In this guide, we will understand the essence and concept of the blockchain, its role in the world of cryptocurrencies, in a clear language, let’s talk about its use in other areas of life. If you want, then this is a kind of instruction for dummies.
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Term description
The term Blockchain itself partially describes its tasks and purpose. The “Block” part is blocks, the “chain” is “chain”. It turns out that Blockchain is a chain of blocks. And not just a chain. It maintains a strict sequence.
What are these blocks and what is a chain? Blocks are data on transactions, transactions, and contracts within the system, presented in the cryptographic form. Initially, the blockchain was (and still remains) the basis of Bitcoin cryptocurrency. All blocks are lined up in a chain, that is, interconnected. To write a new block, it is necessary to sequentially read information about old blocks.
All data in the blockchain is accumulated and forms a constantly supplemented database. It is impossible to delete anything from this database or to replace/replace a block. And it is “unlimited” – an infinite number of transactions can be written there. This is one of the main features of the blockchain.

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The work of the blockchain can be compared with Torrent. The operation of torrents occurs in P2P mode (peer to peer is a computer network where all participants are equal). When we download a file from the tracker, we do not use a central server or storage. 

The file is directly downloaded from the same party as the torrent. If there are no participants in the peer-to-peer network, then you will not be able to download files. Similarly in the blockchain. All operations are carried out directly between the subjects. And they are carried out due to the fact that all participants are connected to the same network – Blockchain.

This technology was created with the advent of Bitcoin cryptocurrency. It happened in 2009, the year. Satoshi Nakamoto is considered the public face of the creator of the new virtual currency and Blockchain. However, this person is mythologized in the world of cryptocurrencies. 

This is a pseudonym, followed by one or more people who have decided (s) not to disclose their identity. Obviously, they spent thousands of hours creating the blockchain.
There are two types of chains:
·         The public Blockchain is an open, complementary database. This type of blockchain is used in Bitcoin cryptocurrency. Each participant can write and read data.
·         Private or private blockchain has restrictions on writing/reading data. Priority nodes can be set. Subspecies Private Blockchain – exclusive blockchain. In such a chain, a group of persons engaged in processing transactions is established.
Summing up the sub-results, we list the key features of the Blockchain:
·         Decentralization – there is no server in the chain. Each member is the server. It supports the work of the entire blockchain;
·         Transparency – information about transactions, contracts, and so on is kept publicly available. However, this data cannot be changed;
·         Theoretical unboundedness – theoretically blockchain can be complemented with entries to infinity. Therefore, it is often compared to a supercomputer;
·         Reliability – a consensus of blockchain nodes is needed to record new data. This allows you to filter transactions and record only legitimate transactions. To perform the hash substitution is unrealistic. This blockchain feature is described in the picture below.

  How the blockchain works: technical details and nuances

·        Part of the principle of operation of Blockchain, we described above on the example of a monetary transaction. Before we consider the individual technical details, let us dwell on the design of the entire system. This sequence of blocks is a chain, not a vicious circle or something else. Each block contains an array of specific data. And all the blocks are interconnected. That is, a new “array” can be created only after the old array is closed.
We have come to the main technical point – the formation and closure of blocks. As can be seen from the figure above, each link in the chain contains a specific key. Until it is decrypted, the block (link) will not close. How is this decoding done? In the cryptocurrency, mining is responsible for this. 

Cryptocurrency miners do this with the power of graphics cards and processors. Those, in turn, perform computational operations, the main purpose of which is to search for a cryptographic signature to the block in the form of a hash. As soon as it is picked up – the block is closed. And the miner receives a reward in the form of cryptocurrency.

The authors of the book How the technology behind Bitcoin changes money, business and the world have tried to characterize the principle of the blockchain’s work in plain words to an ordinary person:
“Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency is not stored in any file. Transaction information is in a global, publicly accessible database – Blockchain. It confirms and accepts the operation of this large P2P network. 

The whole chain is distributed: it is supported by computers around the world. A central server that could be broken or hacked does not exist. The blockchain is public and very reliable at the same time, as it uses encrypted data. ”

The functioning of the blockchain and its security is ensured by miners and other participants of the blockchain. They are also called nodes or nodes. There are full nodes. By them are meant miners and ordinary users of full-fledged wallets. This means that they have the full version of the blockchain on their computer or other devices. 

Its volume is constantly growing. If in 2015 it occupied 35 gigabytes of memory, then in 2017 it is already more than 100. Because of this, the number of full-fledged nodes began to decline. An example of a full wallet is Bitcoin-Core. The number of full nodes in the Bitcoin blockchain can be viewed on the Bitnodes service.

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The more active full nodes in the blockchain, the faster the transaction information is processed. The blockchain, it would seem, manages to combine the incompatible. It is very reliable and decentralized at the same time. 

All participants supporting the work of the chain are equal. There is no server or any processing center here. It turns out that the whole blockchain is not built on trusting relationships. For there is no guarantor, at first glance. However, in essence, every blockchain user acts as a guarantor. 

Decentralization of the network allows data transfer between entities representing different countries, jurisdictions simply by agreement among themselves. Directly. Without any intermediaries or regulators. The blockchain is built so that operations cannot be blocked.

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Blockchain technology and its features
We mentioned earlier that the information in Blockchain is open to anyone. This means that you can see the transaction history and the way in which it was performed. Information about the size of the transaction is also open. At the same time, the identity of the addressee and addressee is not disclosed. This is the transparency of the blockchain.
Access to Blockchain takes place using special keys that guarantee the reliability of the entire network. He has every user. The key is a set of cryptographic records. It is absolutely unique, which guarantees the impossibility of data substitution and hacker attacks. To do this, hackers need access to all computers on the network.
The mechanisms that ensure the efficiency and reliability of the blockchain are the algorithms of Proof of Work or PoW, the work done, and Proof of Stake or PoS, confirmation of a share. Thanks to them, a consensus is reached in the blockchain.
The Proof of Work algorithm is used in the Bitcoin blockchain. The mechanism of his work is similar to reports in the office. Employees regularly compile reports to verify that they have completed a specific task. Without this, they will not receive a salary, as they did not confirm the fact of the work done.
PoW in the blockchain checks the calculations generated in the process of creating a new unit. The following model is used here: the block is recognized as valid and closed, provided that its hash value is less than the signature required by the miners. That is, a certain cryptographic cipher shows the authenticity of the block. And as “auditors”, checking the authenticity of the block, are the nodes.
Now in the Bitcoin network, a block is created within 10 minutes. At this point, the search is performed signature. And already the check happens instantly. The algorithm is often criticized due to the fact that its work requires large computational power. And for this reason, when transferring bitcoins between wallets, a commission is charged. So there is a payment for the used computing power.
Against this background, a new algorithm was created – Proof of Stake. One of the associates of PoS is the founder of the cryptocurrency Ethereum Vitalik Buterin. According to him, this algorithm is not as resource-intensive, and overall, cheaper than PoW. Cryptocurrency blockchain Ethereum makes the transition from PoW to PoS.
If computing power comes to the fore in the Proof of Work, then the purse balance plays a role in the Proof of Stake. The implementation and confirmation of transactions will occur without the active participation of computer technology, and thanks to the active coins in the wallets. Ideally, all cryptocurrency owners on the blockchain with PoS will act as investors. 

The mining role will fade into the background. However, the algorithm has significant drawbacks – it is possible to conduct duplicate transactions.
The best option for the blockchain algorithm can be a combination of PoS and PoW. So far, this mechanism has not been finalized, although it is used in some altcoins: KATZcoin, Blackcoin, Espers.
At this stage of its development, the blockchain has both advantages and disadvantages. We systematized them into a table.
Decentralization – network members are equal and can exchange data directly.
Scalability – if the Bitcoin blockchain had a share of Visa transactions, then its size would reach hundreds of terabytes.
Reliability – data substitution and hacker attacks are excluded since special encrypted keys are used
Fraud – blockchain data transfer is irreversible. Because of this, the operation cannot be rolled back, even if it was performed by mistake.
Transparency – all blocks are available for public viewing. You can check the path for any transaction.
51% attack – if in the Bitcoin blockchain 51% of the computing power belong to the same device, the integrity will be broken.
Universality – blockchain can be used not only in the financial sector but also in other areas of life (law, real estate).
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Where blockchain is used

The blockchain appeared along with the pioneer of all Bitcoin cryptocurrencies. We talked about its functionality and “responsibilities” above. Blockchain guarantees transactions and stores all data about them.
Vitaly Buterin and his associates tried to make a qualitative step forward. Ethereum cryptocurrency blockchain is often referred to the second generation. He has his own particular architecture.
If Bitcoin blockchain was originally modeled for financial transactions, Ethereum developers managed to implement a computational peer-to-peer network in which programmed algorithms can be executed. They are called smart contracts. The essence of such contracts lies in the fact that their implementation occurs when certain conditions are met.
Obviously, the blockchain technology is relevant not only for cryptocurrency transactions, but for the entire FINTECH sphere as a whole. Everything related to transactions can be supported by the blockchain.

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The prospect of Blockchain in the financial sector recognized the largest banks in the world. Back in 2013, the R3 consortium was created. Such banks as JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, Santander, ITG and others were included there. The group is engaged in testing a decentralized registry in the banking sector. Individual banks are also investing in blockchain startups that have been regularly appearing over the past few years.
The interest of banks in technology is associated with the potential threat that cryptocurrency represents for them. Blockchain will help reduce transaction costs, make them safer. However, the implementation of a fully decentralized protocol in the banking sector will undermine it from the inside.
The practicality of the blockchain is undeniable in all that relates to data storage and authentication. Potentially, this decentralized data system is capable of eradicating corruption. In the blockchain, you can record the dates of birth of people, financial transactions, fingerprints. Store information about documents like diplomas, passports, driver’s licenses. In the future, it can help in the fight against all sorts of fraud.
Examples of the use of blockchain in various areas of life, in addition to finance:
·         Personal identification. Based on the blockchain technology, the services operate in the area of identification and confirmation of access rights. They create a digital equivalent of an identity card. Such startups include HYRP, BlockVerify, OneName and others.
·         Copyright The Ascribe platform uses a complementary registry in which artists, musicians, inventors can store copyrights using encrypted identifiers.
·         Voting So far, the open registry is used only in private polls. However, the University of Virginia wants to introduce technology based on the blockchain. This will reduce the probability of falsification to zero.
·         Management and jurisprudence. The potential of Blocckhain in this area is limitless. Ideally, a system can be created with the reporting of representatives of local and state authorities, storing budget data. Already, there are projects like Borderless, which combine legal and economic services.
·         Music. The Bittunes project allows performers to retain rights and sell their own work. There are other services aimed at distributing independent music and promoting artists.
·         Charity. Blockchain with its ability to record and store data is very effective in the field of charity. So the platform GiveTrack provides open information about donations to the funds and their costs. This is an effective tool in the fight against “terrorists of charity.”
·         The property. The introduction of blockchain into real estate can significantly improve it. The process of buying and selling will accelerate, a tool for reliable storage of data on property rights will appear, and so on. The blockchain technology is used in the service industry, exchange and normal trading. Potentially, it can be useful wherever reporting is needed, authentication of something, data storage. The potential is limitless.
Is it possible to know all the subtleties and possibilities of the blockchain? Not. 99.9% of the world’s population do not need this. It is more important to understand the very principle of technology and how it works. And with this comes the evaluation of the potential of the blockchain. It may even change your life.



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The statement made in the headline may seem quite bold. Nevertheless, there are many examples confirming that Blogging can Change Lives. There are people who quit their jobs, began to travel and write about this in Blogging, thus earning money for new travels. There are those who thus share with others their experience in raising a child, the secrets of productivity or style. There are many options. Regarding all these people, we can say that Blogging has changed their lives. So what are the benefits of its management?

Clearing the mind-

Something magical happens when your thoughts take the form of text for a blog. Chaos disappears and a clear understanding of what you want to say remains.

Do you feel that there is too much garbage in your brain? Or not sure about the specific situation? A blog is a perfect way to clarify thoughts. Do not focus on one topic, be interested in everything. After some time, you will realize that a lot of topics actually have common elements, and problems can be assigned to certain categories and it will be much easier to solve them.


This seems to have nothing to do with positive change. However, look at it from the other side: we often avoid this state, especially in those moments when you need to defend your point of view or accept someone else’s.
When you feel vulnerable and at the same time are able to think rationally, you get much more from any discussion.

Ultimately, this allows you to get used to express your thoughts and not be afraid that the majority will not agree with them.
If you are 100% sure in all things, then something is wrong. Question your beliefs, be prepared to accept a different point of view.

Creative expression-

Almost everyone needs creative expression. This allows you to create something new, and therefore be proud of yourself and feel useful.
Blogging can be done in completely different ways, using a large number of tools in the form of text feed, graphics, and style.

Even programmers manage to submit their material in an original way. That does not harm the meaning, and this is important. The idea should be presented interestingly and creatively, then more people will read you.

Competence development-

In the company of friends or strangers, we often express our point of view. Sometimes it is so outdated that it causes irony from others. Indeed, if you learned about something in your youth, it does not mean that nothing has changed. It’s time to read a few books on the topic, study the research, ask other people’s opinion about it.

Are you sure that you deeply understand the topic you are writing about? Perhaps you have a lot of experience in this, but how long have you been updating your knowledge, interested in scientific discoveries in this area?

You can think about self-development, happiness, and love as much as you like, based on personal experience, but studying materials on this topic from various sources will not hurt.

Development of productive habits-

Blogging develops:

o Discipline.
o Ability to Motivate Yourself.
o Will.

In addition, you have to learn the basics of time management if you want to blog regularly. And also to write when you do not want to, which is one of the hallmarks of professionalism.

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Developing relationships with people you admire-

This advantage is one of the keys. Suppose you are a unique, intelligent and creative person. But until now, they could not surround themselves with the same people, continue to boil in the old company. This is not bad, but new acquaintances are necessary.

Developing as a person and showing it in a blog, you attract the same people. Earn reputation and respect, gain experience. Remember that anyone who visits your blog works for someone. It can be businessmen, doctors, lawyers, artists. Such a set of personalities develops you. Meet them and find out if you can help each other.

Ability to communicate with people-

Communicating in life and networking are, of course, different things, but they are very similar in many ways. You have time to think about the article or the answer, analyze the information, find out the facts.
But the laws of communication are the same in every situation. Improve communication skills and look for approaches to different people.

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Business creation-

In order to start a business, you need a few months to do a blog. Therefore, it is important that you like it. No less important is a regularity. And of course the value of information. When you get a certain number of readers, you can begin to look for opportunities to earn money. The most popular are affiliate programs.

Live a more premeditated life

Wish you good luck!

Share With Your Friends on Social Media. You can See the Sharing Buttons here on the Screen 🙂

Thank You…

Mindfulness Meditation-Loving Kindness Meditation

Mindfulness Meditation-Loving Kindness Meditation

Hello Everyone :)) Today we will talk about Loving Kindness Meditation which is also known as Metta Meditation. Let’s Start now…

Metta Meditation(Bhavana) or Metta Practice is known as a Loving-kindness Meditation, it is a meditative technique whose purpose is to develop compassion.
Its roots lie in the Buddhist tradition but can be adopted and practiced by anyone regardless of religious belief. Meditation of loving kindness is essentially a means of being able to cultivate love and kindness in the purest and most disinterested way possible.

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The purpose of Metta meditation

Some contemplative practices have been designed to emphasize the strengths and specific qualities of a practitioner: for example, in some Tibetan traditions the shinay , or tranquility meditation, is used to train the mind to be calm and focused, and is followed da lhatong , or analytical meditation, which consists of an investigated research on the nature of the self and the mind. 

In the same way, Metta Bhavana was born as a technique to develop unconditional love and benevolence, starting with ourselves and then expanding the concept to the whole world.

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The origins

The term mettā ( maitrī in Sanskrit) means “benevolence” or “kindness” in the Pali language. The word is found with this meaning in Vedic literature and is cited in Buddhist texts as a concept and practice of primary importance. 
In the Buddhist creed, it is a Brahma-vihara (divine home) and is one of the Four Immeasurables or a virtue that leads to a meditative state capable of countering the negativity generated by our own thoughts. It removes our adherence to a counterproductive state of mind, cultivating kindness towards all beings of creation.
The “distant enemy” of Metta, or the mental state in complete opposition, is hatred or malevolence. The “nearby enemy” (a quality that superficially resembles Metta, but is actually more subtly opposed to it) is greed.

The benefits of Loving Kindness

Loving Kindness or Metta is unconditional, pure, inclusive and wisely practiced love. The main characteristics of this feeling are two:
  • The absence of conditions: love does not depend on merit, it is not limited to family members and friends and is not dedicated only to those who meet certain requirements.
  • The absence of expectations: from unconditional love one should not expect anything, and one never loves in order to be reciprocated in feeling.
This is the ideal, pure love that meditation of loving kindness aims to awaken in us. Although it may seem a utopian concept and contrary to our human nature, it is something to which we are all naturally predisposed. 
Practicing meditation puts you nothing but helping us to bring to the surface this potential almost always suffocated by the dictates of society and negative thought.
So how can we reach this goal? The first step is to start by loving ourselves because if we do not have a measure of this unconditional love in accepting our ego it will be difficult (if not impossible) to extend it to others. To love and accept ourselves in our entirety is the first step in experiencing the benefits of this love. 

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Then we include other people who are special to us (eg friends, family, our partner) and, as a final goal, all living things. Gradually, both the visualization and the meditation phrase merge on the actual experience generating the feeling of loving benevolence that we are looking for.

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How to practice Loving Kindness meditation
We have perceived how Metta is a reflection of Consideration, Concern, Delicacy, and Fellowship, which stirs a sentiment of warmth towards ourselves as well as other people.
The meditative process of loving-kindness begins by breaking the internal barriers that separate us from ourselves and then continues expanding attention to the rest of the universe. 

Here are the steps to practice it:
Take a very comfortable posture. One of the goals of this meditation is to feel good, so the posture must also reflect this need: in this sense, I recommend the position of the half lotus.

1- Start focusing your attention around the solar plexus in the chest area. Inhale and exhale deeply concentrating on that area, as if you were channeling air into the center of your heart and as if your entire breathing process was taking place in that area, purifying the air. Your whole awareness must be concentrated around the heart.

2- Continue to inhale and exhale deeply until you begin to feel a warmth emanate from the center of your chest. It directs this heat towards your whole body and your mind, perceiving all the emotional blocks and numbness that prevent you from letting yourself go to love.

3- Now try to free the mind from these chains through the energy you are channeling into your heart: open yourself to the possibility of unleashing a love without limits that shines with its own light. Smile as you feel this warm light radiate from your chest.

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4- Continuing to inhale and exhale, choose one of these phrases to be repeated in a low voice or in your head:

May I be free from all internal and external dangers. Be safe and secure. 
May I be free from mental chains. 
May I be happy. 
May I be free from physical pain and suffering. 
May I be healthy and strong. 
May I live in this world happily, in peace, with joy, with ease.

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After repeating the sentence for a sufficient number of times to feel yourself full of love towards yourself, gently begin to materialize in your head the image of a person who inspires you a feeling of pure unconditional kindness. The first person that comes to mind at this juncture is usually someone we consider a mentor, a benefactor, an elder. 
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It could be a parent, the grandfather, a teacher, someone to whom one should not strive to feel respect and reverence, someone who immediately arouses a feeling of sweetness. Repeat the phrase you have chosen for this person: “May he/she be free …”.
After feeling a strong unconditional love for your mentor, now turn your attention to a person you consider a dear friend and repeat the phrase again, always transmitting your energy through the heart with breathing and turning it into love for this person.
At this point you will have to start thinking about a person who is neutral to you, towards which you will not feel either positive or negative. When you repeat the sentences, even if it will be more difficult than the people you have previously thought about, he wishes this person well-being and protection.
The last phase, perhaps the most complicated, is to think of someone for whom you have feelings of hostility or resentment from the past. By focusing on the warmth emanating from your heart, repeat the sentences for this person. If you find it difficult to do so, you can put the sentence before it: “To the best of my ability, I wish he/she could …”. 

If you start feeling sick and you can’t go on, come back and focus your attention on the person and start from there again. Try again as many times as you need until you get to feel good about that person.
Let the sentences spread and resonate throughout the body, mind, and heart. 
After the last, difficult person, then radiates loving kindness to all living beings. The traditional phrases to close the Metta Meditation are these: 

That all beings are safe, happy, healthy, they live joyfully. 
May all individuals be happy and free.

Om Shanti…

Hope you will practice it on a regular basis. This will surely help you in every aspect of life 🙂
Just Leave a comment about your Experience reading and feel free to drop any suggestions or any topic you want me to cover in my future posts.

Most Importantly, Do Share it with your Loved ones on Social Networks to pass on the good thing to others as well. 🙂

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Thank You For Reading.

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Stay Healthy-Healthy Lifestyle Motivation-Health Motivation 2019

Stay Healthy-The motivation for a healthy lifestyle-Health Motivation

Hello My Dear Friends, Hope You all Doing great. :)) Let’s Start our Todays Topic. 

What do we mean by the motivation for health and a healthy lifestyleBefore answering this question, consider the very concept of “motivation“. 

So, motivation is a motivation for action. The motive is the reason for forcing us to take action. The motive can serve as positive emotions, and negative. We can imagine how happy we will be after reaching a certain goal, or we can feel the inferiority of the current situation that we want to correct.
For a person to act he needs motivation. Motivation is caused by motive. Motive causes desire. A person must want to act in a certain way. He must want a result. No other way. Nothing will force a person to act just like that if he does not see any benefit for himself in this.
The motivation for health is the motivation for action aimed at maintaining health or improving it. The problem is that a person cannot want to be healthy if he is healthy at the moment and does not experience any discomfort. 
You may not want to be in Paris if you are already in Paris. This will not be your goal. But you may feel uncomfortable with the fact that you are sitting in some backwater and you do not have money for a trip or you liked it so much in Paris that you will do everything to return there.
The same with health – most of all you want to be healthy when you are ill. When we are healthy, we simply do not realize the full charm of our current state! And as a result, we lead a lifestyle that does not contribute to health promotion or its maintenance.

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Stay Healthy-Healthy Lifestyle Motivation-Health Motivation 2019

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How to develop motivation?

Speaking about the motivation of a healthy lifestyle, first of all, people should learn to understand that their health is not constant. Health is like a flowering plant: if you do not take care of it properly, do not water it, do not fertilize it, it will soon wither, its flowers will wither, the leaves will fall and it will take a lot of effort to return it to its former state, if at all possible.
Secondly, it is possible to help a person to treat himself correctly by investing these rules in his still small children’s head. And what rules does a child learn best? That’s right, those that are performed by people who are authorities for him, or rather, his parents. And then, throughout life – friends, associates, and close circle.
In a group (fitness, mailing lists, forums) it is always easier to maintain motivation in yourself, especially during its “fall”. And this time always comes. The energy circulating in groups helps to “raise” motivation and gives a person new strength to move.
Another effective way to support motivation is the visualization of the desired. Imagine what you want to reach, the final result, and consciously go to the goal.
Take responsibility for your actions. If you have already decided something, then do it. Of course, it is difficult for us to constantly keep on one wave, we pity ourselves and often give ourselves indulgence. This should be taken as a fact and understand that no one is going to do anything for you.
Find and fix in yourself any excuses that will seduce you to give up. Consider discarding nonessential ones, and consider essential ones and correct further actions in accordance with them to achieve the best result in the most pleasant way.

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Motivation types

Among the various motives are the following:
Conservation motive
No special activity is required here. The goal is to preserve what is already there. You simply do not commit those actions that may harm your health.
Disease prevention
We suffer when we get sick. We have to go to the clinic, take medicines, accept some physical limitations, spend time on physical procedures, etc. All these activities are not pleasant and the desire to avoid them is often a powerful incentive for a healthy lifestyle.

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The disease is a serious obstacle in studies and career. The employer would rather hire a healthy person than someone who has health problems, because his frequent illnesses will impede the profit of the enterprise, create problems with work schedules and the need to pay temporary disability benefits.

The pleasure of well-being
It takes place when a person is brought pleasure by his healthy state, his ability to physically improve, play sports, and dance.
Submission to public demands
It consists of observing the requirements and traditions that were passed down from generation to generation by the people in order to protect themselves from adverse factors. The use of the toilet for the administration of their physiological needs is an example of such submission.
The possibility of sexual realization
Sexual opportunities for both men and women directly depend on their health. Being sexually attractive is very important for a person and therefore is a serious motivator for maintaining one’s health.
Usually, a person is dominated by one motivation, otherwise, you might think that he is overly concerned about his health. The type of motivation depends on the age of the individual. At a young age, motivations that predict future well-being can do little to help. 
But the topic of sexual implementation is very relevant and can make you think before another bottle of beer or a cigarette. In any case, if a person has not learned the value and rules of a healthy lifestyle since childhood, then it will be difficult to reason with him as an adult until he faces certain health problems. 
The surrounding society often affects young people in a completely different way, telling them that alcohol and drugs are what makes them happy. 
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Stay Healthy-Healthy Lifestyle Motivation-Health Motivation 2019

To interest a person in a healthy lifestyle, it is necessary to fulfill the following requirements:

  1.  goal must be truly worthwhile: a person must see that the benefits from it.
  2. 2 The desire for prosperity.
  3. 3 The desire to be the master of your life.
  4. 4 Watch the world positively.
  5. 5 Respect for yourself, allow yourself to enjoy all the benefits of life.

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If you still decide to go to the health side

On this difficult path, you will be awaited by internal struggle, laziness, self-disbelief, and many other difficulties. To help you cope with them, here are some tips:
  • -The goal must be real and specific. Determine for yourself the real purpose and time for which you achieve it. Break your big goal into many small and easily doable. Move in small but sure steps.

  • -The result will not be instant. Have patience. Prepare in advance for the fact that you want to leave everything in the very near future due to the fact that you will not see progress. But progress will be, the main thing is not to retreat and not to succumb to their own weaknesses.

  • -The effort must be followed by a reward. So you will consolidate their efforts and success. Make yourself nice gifts for a kilogram of weight dropped, for a month without alcohol or a week without a cigarette. This can be a trip to a concert, a new thing in the wardrobe, a disc of your favorite band and other things that you like.

  • -Compare yourself new with the old. More often evaluate how much healthier you have become since you started to play sports, eat right, quit smoking. Do not be afraid to be proud of yourself.

  • -Create an environment that will support you. It is good if among your friends or co-workers there are those who want to lose weight, stop smoking or go to the gym. You will also support them and, through common efforts, together you will definitely come to the goal.

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Meditation for Kids: Technique and Benefits – 2019

 Meditation for Kids: Technique and Benefits

The meditation for Kids consists of games and activities that allow them to find a form of inner silence. Let’s find out better. In this Meditation for Kids- Technique and Benefits Article we will Discuss the Below-Given Points: 
– History and Origin of Meditation for Kids.
– The Benefits of Meditation for Kids.
– Description of the Technique.
– Suitable For.
– Where Children’s Meditation is Practice.
– Conclusion. 

Meditation for Kids: Technique and Benefits - 2019

History and Origin of Meditation for Kids-

The practice of meditation is not aimed exclusively for adults. If you think of the child as a carefree little creature in a stress-free world, then meditating is of little use. But, come to think of it, it’s not really like that. Today’s children carry within themselves anxieties and frustrations of the context in which they grow up.

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The meditation for kids has, therefore, aims to seek an inner space to retreat, shutting out from his mind the bustle and turmoil of modern times. Meditation for children, therefore, represents an educational practice for those small subjects who experience the alienation and the difficulty of a fragmented reality. 
This interest in the very young is borrowed from child psychology and educational techniques. Useful learning, like that of self-knowledge, is indeed easier if experienced from an early age.
Osho Rajneesh and Shri SN Goenka and other Indian Masters maintained that every child should be instructed in this practice, leading him to experience the way in which to remain calm, serene, silent, reaching the state of No-Mind
It is necessary that the practice of meditation be taught to the child to open in him the path of the vital force, before it is engaged by more instinctual forces, such as the predominant one of sexuality. Once in the individual the vital force is occupied by the sexual instinct, the path to the spiritual path will be more difficult ”.

The Benefits of Meditation for Kids-

Kids are frantic, you know. This is because they are pulled by a storm of thoughts and stimuli. The relaxation that meditation induces in the child allows one to experience the calmness of the mind and the management of one’s thoughts and emotions.
The practice of meditation for children enables even the youngest to acquire an awareness of the external world and, at the same time, to seek a form of inner silence that can be defined as a pause from everyday actions. 

Contact with one’s bodily self through relaxation is a fundamental aspect of meditation; the child will, therefore, begin to become aware of his mental self, its contents, thoughts and the way in which to manage them and let them flow.
Meditation, involving the body, leads to becoming aware of the two rhythms that regulate our vital functions: that of the heartbeat and that of breathing. In particular, following the rhythm of breathing, the child experiences calmness and relaxes.
The rhythms of the body allow the child to become aware that all life, ours and that of the Universe, is regulated by rhythms: that of sleep and waking, of day and night, of the alternation of seasons, of birth and death, of pain and joy. With growth, the child who will master this awareness will surely find a firm position in the social fabric. 

Description of the Technique-

Specific forms of meditation for their needs can be devised for children: in this way the little ones can continue to move, dance, jump and run. Therefore their meditation will also have to be active, differing in part from that of adults. 

There are various forms of meditation for children, who experience the use of the body, through breathing, and emotions, through various art forms ranging from listening to music to reading poetry.
Among the most interesting, you are definitely on clay modeling and the mandala coloring. Meditating by coloring a mandala, it leads to the center of the self, calming the mind; the same applies to the processing of the clay, in silence, without objectives to be achieved. 
This accustoms the child to stay in the present, in the thing he does at that moment, without a before and without an after. His mind becomes quiet, thoughts so weakened are no longer followed.
Other interesting activities can be those that involve nature, how to cultivate the vegetable garden, always allowing the child to contemplate beauty and harmony. All of these are very simple techniques by which the child experiences the calmness of the mind through play.
The substance of the meditative act, in the child as in the adult, is represented by the gesture of abandonment: every thought, every emotion, every sensation, first lived consciously will later be abandoned. 

We do not follow thoughts, emotions or sensations, but we try to lead our awareness on what we are experiencing in the present: on the body, on the clay, on the mandala. 

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Suitable For-

These simple meditative methods are suitable for all children. In fact, even children experience fear, suffering, loneliness, and insecurity and it is precisely the ability to feel good on their own that can help the little ones develop a small inner strength that will prove valuable with growth.

Meditation for Kids: Technique and Benefits - 2019

This applies to both children with specific problems and carefree children. For example, proposing Anapana Meditation to children and young people serves to encourage their growth on an internal level, at the level of personal experience. It means offering them a daily tool to develop the right actions, right words, right thoughts.
After all, any learning is easier if acquired at a young age; therefore it is desirable to teach the practice of meditation from an early age, even when the child is ready for school learning. 

Where Meditation for Kids is Practiced-

There are several meditation courses for Kids, different depending on the age, generally lasting a few days. These courses are usually held at Yoga schools, but there are several proposals to include meditation in education. 
In addition to these scenarios, you can practice meditation for children in a more “amateur” way. In the family, moments of pause and silence should be created. Every moment of the day should have its value as such, with nothing overlapping it.
The dimension of silence can also be experienced with excursions. Parents should find time to bring the children outdoors in contact with the woods and water, where it is easier to listen to the voices of nature, to perceive the feeling of infinity, to be naturally silenced. 

It is important that the child acquires the habit of giving himself time to rest, meditation, contemplation, even in a space of the house, and thus get used to being alone. 

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Educating a child means above all bringing it to the center of itself, unlike what school and television do, which privilege the intellectual aspect and passive reception.

Educating also means putting the child in contact with his own body, his own emotions, and his spirituality. Nothing is lost and, once adults, what is internalized will return back.
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How to Lose Weight in a Week|Lose Weight in 5 Days – 2019 Guide

How to Lose Weight in a Week|Lose Weight in 5 Days – 2019 Guide

Let us learn how you can lose weight in a week or Lose some pounds in 5 days. Usually, it takes time and for better results which will remain there permanently, you will have to follow given rules below for at least a month. If you do so, I assure you, a guaranteed weight loss. (Quality weight Loss).

One of Today’s most widespread obsessions is thinness. Young and less young women, but more and more often also men, do everything to be able to lose their extra kilos. Almost everyone, in fact, is happy as soon as they see that the needle of their balance has fallen more than necessary, without considering, however, that sometimes a sudden drop in body weight.

Evaluate Your Weight

In Particular, if you prefer you can also take whole-wheat rusks. Instead, I start my day with an incredibly hot Epsom Salt bath coupled with an ml bottle of water supplemented with diuretics.
It is a very restrictive detox diet, so we advise you to follow it exclusively for a maximum of 3 days and not more than once a month.

The trick is to choose the right foods in the right quantities – foods that increase satiety, a feeling of fullness without adding too many carbohydrates, sugars or calories to the system. So, summarizing everything in a few steps, we could define the following points:

Before undergoing any type of diet it is good to request the advice of an expert or your primary care physician; will be able to indicate the most correct diet for you, managing to make you lose those 2 kgs that bothers you so much without risking ending up in extreme thinness.

Keep reading and follow the Food Tips Below.

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How to Lose Weight in a Week|Lose Weight in 5 Days - 2019 Guide

It is a balanced diet, although it is still a 22-day diet based on a vegetable diet, it shows its balance when, in maintenance, precise guidelines are followed for a correct diet. On the “Special weight loss prescriptions” page, you can find effective solutions to lose weight. For the first time that day, my stomach started feeling slightly full and full.

The frequency of consumption and portion of food: Announcement Announcement Are those pesky pounds ruining your days? Energy intake of meals: For dinner, we suggest you enjoy a nice mixed salad, with sunflower seeds, carrots, cherry tomatoes, rocket, and cucumber.

Wasting no time in finding my underwear, I threw myself on my bag and around the neck of a ready-to-use 4-liter bottle of multivitamins and electrolytes diluted in water with great amazement in the locker room full of people who had no idea of the last 24 hours I had endured.

After the torture of my scorching hot Epsom salt bath, I could now face the thought of the gym We reiterate for the umpteenth time the importance of correct information. When a person does exercise in the gym or goes for a run, he could then compensate by sitting or lying down the rest of the secret of kate weight loss.

Not that losing 5 or more pounds of weight in thirty days is impossible, but being able to dispose of even 4 of fat would allow you to enter the Guinness Book of Records! And if someone among you is objecting: Pulling certain conclusions then becomes difficult.

What is the 3-day diet

This very often results in the ‘yo-yo effect’ by promoting the recovery of lost pounds plus interest. To make green tea or herbal tea sweeter, add a teaspoon of honey. The menu of the diet that is full is varied and complete, in fact, we find meat, fish, rice, fruit and lots of vegetables.

All the “diets” that promise to lose 5, 6 or more pounds in a month are made to make you fat. Weight Lose Weight, Effective Solutions by my personal trainer Editorial If you believe you can lose 5.10, someone promises even 12 kilograms in a month you have the wrong article.

With the weekend diet, you get back in shape in a short time, losing 2 kg in just 2 days.

Maybe you don’t know but a kilogram of fat has a calorific value of fat burners work kilocalories. The quantity of food is not the only important parameter, its quality must also be evaluated. In mid-morning, a low-fat yogurt or fruit yogurt, such as a kiwi.

I usually like the gym a lot, but those 45 minutes were some of the worst I’ve ever spent down there. In the case of a body mass index higher than the desired one, it is also possible to perform an INVERSE calculation to establish the actual size of the excess kg.

Losing weight seems very contradictory. It obviously depends on how much and which sports activity you practice. A large space for lunch with carrot, lemon and ginger smoothie, while at dinner enjoy a mixed vegetable soup. Salad dressings, unless light or fat-free, contain many calories.

Lose over 24 pounds about 10 kg n. Now 6 are enough to lose and the finish line is in sight.

How to Lose Weight in a Week|Lose Weight in 5 Days - 2019 Guide

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Three tips for losing weight

If losing weight without losing fat means getting fat, gaining muscle without gaining weight means losing weight. A light beer or a glass of wine is about calories. First, we try to understand which foods are banned.

To run for cover, especially if you have very little time left, you can try this super fast diet. How has your body changed in one day?

Here’s what to eat to lose two how to lose fat in the abdominal area Four days of diet Diet that satisfies: It means that the loss of 6 kilograms of fat loss x3 slim a month requires an overall caloric reduction in calories compared to necessary, ie calories less per day.

No one is yet equipped to perform miracles in the field of aesthetics. Alternatives to tuna for lunch could also be gm of steamed potatoes, gm of roasted peppers and seasoned with raw oil and a little salt, 70 gm of ricotta.


The behavior could partly explain this fact, according to Experts. Drink plenty of water before, during and after x3 slim weight loss. Furthermore, a healthy diet prevents a whole series of diseases such as diabetes or cancer and a balanced diet consists of: Go directly to the grocery store instead of having it brought home.

Considering that a sedentary middle-aged woman has a daily caloric requirement of about calories, to lose 6 kilograms of fat in a month should take only calories a day for 31 days. Experts report it equivalent to a walk of about 3.5 km a day.

This is the most widespread desire to return from vacation. But how to make weight loss of kate two kg a secret quickly and especially to lose weight without suffering?

For breakfast, if you prefer, the rusks can be replaced with two whole-grain biscuits. In this way, it is possible to deflate the belly and avoid water retention problems.

The thesis developed on the fact that it was therefore sufficient as a weight loss in 2 days a lot of water to get to lose a lot of weight. In the middle of the afternoon, always a 10 gr chocolate or a mandarin, as desired.

Physical activity is indicated not only for overweight people but is good for everyone. Table 5 – approximate consumption frequency of foods Basic food group. Limit your consumption of carbohydrates and avoid salt, rather season your dishes with aromatic spices that could flavor your dish even more.

On the one hand, we need to reduce the size of the portions and choose foods with less fat, sugar and caloric content, but on the other hand, we must ensure that we consume enough food to not feel hungry or, worse still, be malnourished. can we be sure of being well fed and satisfied while our body loses weight?

Many people, in fact, chase the dream of losing weight quickly and easily, the famous 7 the skipping rope helps in weight loss in 7 days, and this athlete has managed to lose 10 kg in 1 day.

Here are several examples, some of which could be good for you: How to Lose Weight Prerequisites for Weight Loss Once you have ascertained that there is really a 5 kg excess weight, to safeguard our health and prevent the surplus of this excess, we will have to plan a slimming intervention.

To be able to lose 2 kg in 2 days, just follow the simple rules of a healthy and balanced diet that obviously takes into account a fair balance of calories and the variety is the basis of everything.

Alternatively, order a medium or children’s portion, and leave something on the plate if the portion is too large.

To follow this diet and be able to lose weight in 2 days weight in a short time you must have a lot of willpower and determination, but above all understand that you must love yourself. There are even some restaurants that offer a particular service:

How to Lose Weight in a Week|Lose Weight in 5 Days - 2019 Guide

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This slimming regime mainly includes liquid foods, such as smoothies or centrifuged, based on fruit and vegetables, protein and carbohydrates are not present, which will be consumed again after the two days of dieting.

But above all, never let your diet or self-esteem be governed by the balance. During the day I went to the toilet 20 times. The first five minutes of bathing was really beautiful, but within seven minutes this feeling changed. Instead, the sugar must be eliminated from the diet but you can sweeten the foods with honey.

Prepare the portions in the kitchen and do not let the diners serve directly at the table. If you have an excessive desire for a particular food, do not try to satisfy it by eating too much of another food.

All the participants wore a device that recorded their activity levels for a week; the researchers then used standard tests for how to lose weight in 2 days each person’s total weekly calorie consumption.

Third-day Breakfast is also identical for the third day. A monotonous diet makes the approach to the diet less pleasant, so varying and preparing colorful dishes also serves the spirit as well as the palate.

Television and advertising broadcast images of men and women in great shape and often many people fall into the error of seeing these figures as models to match.

So either you throw them away or you take what they say with a pinch of salt. Chip Lavie, director of Ochsner’s exercise labs The skipping rope helps in the weight loss and Vascular Institute of New Orleans, expressed the same reflection. And this message continues Pontzer, is not new.

I can assure you I have not enjoyed myself and I also do not recommend it. Advertisement The best videos of the day Important: Never skip breakfast: Later you can eat yogurt with whole grains and berries. Go easy on the alcohol. In practice, your body will get used to burning less and fewer calories, with all the negative consequences.

That’s it because the body sweats more under warm, humid conditions and there are not many things warmer and wetter than being cooked like a giant lobster in a bathtub. During the diet, it is also necessary to eliminate white bread, carbonated, sugary or alcoholic drinks.

A diet that satisfies; third day Lunch: While for dinner fish g, mixed green salad or zucchini seasoned with a teaspoon of oil and accompanied with 40 grams of bread.

When you go to the restaurant, don’t overdo the portions. It is not debilitating and promotes nutrition education.

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Thank You For Reading and Make sure to follow these steps. you’ll get results for sure. 🙂 

Sagittarius Personality Traits(Facts)-Sagittarius Woman-Sagittarius Man-2019

Sagittarius Personality Traits(Facts)-Sagittarius Woman-Sagittarius Man-2019

Hello Beautiful People, Let us know about Traits of Sagittarius, about Sagittarius people which includes both Sagittarius woman and Sagittarius man. We will also tell you about the Facts for Sagittarius Personality Traits. Let’s Begin… 
If there’s one sign that is not content with remaining in one place for a long period of time it must be Sagittarius. This is a mutable sign that is always on the lookout for more knowledge as well as life experiences attracted to the finer things in life and a powerful communicator.
The Sagittarius man or Sagittarius woman is sure to charm and excites anyone that’s in their circle of friends as well as family. Sagittarians have a love for new experience due to their Restless Nature.
They are always looking for intellectual knowledge as well as anything which is new to explore with their emotions because of this they are continuously progressing. 
They are honest, don’t see the need to be diplomatic so they may come off as the blunt to the uninitiated, that being said they value friendships and relationships and those that encounter them are aware of this due to their ability to give off a genuine air as well as listening and compassionate ear to anyone that comes their way.
Sagittarians also possess a capacity for being loving as well as kind-hearted for the most part. They will toe the line with regards to treating others how they’d like to be dealt with. But, if someone treats Sagittarians in a disrespectful manner they won’t hesitate to bring out the big guns.
One of the Downfall of Sagittarians is their propensity towards idealism, this makes them more likely to run for the hills whenever they sense a problem in a relationship. If this is left unchecked can turn them into serial daters and relationship seekers which in the end may result in the loss of many years.
Sagittarians may fare well in careers such as being a travel agent, a hotelier, photography, teaching, and writing. These careers are in line with the very essence of who they are to the bone something that may actually help them climb the ladder of success with relative ease. 
Sagittarians are able to move quickly and easily on something that may pay off if they ever decide to get into. They are also into variety and fun and are always looking to make mundane tasks seems exciting if you’re into exploring new opportunities and don’t mind traveling numerous times a year. 
Look into dating a Sagittarians and get ready for the ride of a lifetime.
Sagittarians are slow to commit and like to keep their options open this makes them hard people to win over as well as challenging to really get to know at the end of it all Sagittarians are worth every day you spend with them. 

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Sagittarius Personality Traits(Facts)-Sagittarius Woman-Sagittarius Man-2019

True Facts About The Personality Traits of Sagittarius-

– Sagittarius is the kind of Friend with whom you can have fun without limits.
– If you are full of humor, you can easily win their heart.
– They switch from a state of mind to another with great ease.
– You will never see a Sagittarius being getting Bored.
– They are Very Open People.
– Even if it seems hard to believe, they can do anything for people they love.
– They are Overly Secretive. Nobody is allowed in their private life.
– Do not tell them that they do not know something, even when you argue with them.
– They like to live in style, however, they are happy with less moreover.
Sagittarius Woman likes powerful men.
– They don’t need advice, they know what best to do.
– They are positive people with a lot of humor.
– SAGs cannot be Tamed and you risk having problems if you try to.
– They Hide their Grief by making Jokes.
– SAGs are Very Difficult people.
– You will never be able to know their true feelings because they always wear a mask. It is their way to hide their emotions.
– Sagittarius Hate those who question their Morality.
– Sagittarius Keep moving forward despite they need to find their own Motivation.
– Sincerity doesn’t characterize them.
– They disconnect themselves from others when they don’t feel well.
– If they did you something wrong with you, they will avoid you confronting with the truth. 
– They can betray you at any moment, but just as quickly they can give their confidence too. 
– They are good at reading people.
– A Sagittarius biggest Flaw is that they don’t think what will be the consequences of their actions or decisions. 
– A Sagittarius is a good Sidekick. They are down for almost anything. Good Times.
– Never ever try to control a Sagittarius until unless you want some problems.
– Sagittarius are quite clever knowingly and in getting what they really want.
– Sagittarius the Philosopher, the Comic, the Optimist, the Nomad, the Wanderer, the Free Spirit, the Restless, the Blunt and the Truth Finder.

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– Sagittarius Fire element can warm your Soul deep within, will Ignite your Zeal and Torch everything in its Path.
– Sagittarius gives awesome advice but rarely follow it themselves.
– Sagittarius care for you deeply but they are always unable to show it.
– Sagittarius gets irritated easily…by stupidity.
– As a Sagittarius, you are the most honest, also straightforward and open Sign.
– Sagittarius is known to be a kind and sweet person with you until you piss them off.
– They need space from friends, family, and romantic partners sometimes. They like their alone time.
– Sagittarius is Flirty but choosy so consider yourself lucky if they like you.
– They can tolerate a lot but they can not tolerate cheaters.
– Sagittarius usually have two main Goals: to live a good life and make a difference in the world.
– They never regret their past. They just regret all the valuable time they have wasted with the wrong people in the past.
– If they breakdown emotionally in front of you, consider yourself lucky because not many people get to see them at their weakest. 
– Sagittarius will make all of your worries Disappear. No one can make you feel as good as a Sagittarius can.
– They Hate people who hold them back from getting what they want.
– They are sometimes too nice, giving people way more chances than they deserve. 
– Sagittarius need 3 things in common- Space, Adventure and Truth.
– Have high emotion levels.

Meaning and Symbology of Sagittarius-
Sagittarius: November 23 – December 21

Sagittarius is known as the ninth sign of the zodiac. It is a sign that finds itself divided between the real and the ideal, a sign of fire, together with Aries and Leo full of human warmth and passion.

In this period we must warm up, prepare for winter and move on, to find out what happens next, what is beyond the mountains or the sea.

The Sagittarius is on the horizon of life and squints a little farther on, among the first snowflakes, the first icy winds of winter.

The fire of Sagittarius illuminates, does not bring the heat. It is a fire that burns with knowledge, discovery, and adventure; it is also a spiritual fire, often linked to the firm and constant ideals belonging to Sagittarius.

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The personality and character of Sagittarius-

A person born under  the sign of Sagittarius  is almost always a sportsman: he is not able to sit still and is fascinating precisely because of this “fleetingness” and desire for adventure; in everything he does, he puts passion and optimism, and it is thanks to this that most of the time he achieves his goals with excellent results.

A good characteristic of the members of the sign of Sagittarius is that of not even falling before the great difficulties that life presents to them, indeed, after a defeat, they are immediately ready to get up and give the best of themselves again.

The zodiac sign of Sagittarius in mythology- 

In mythology, this sign is linked to the mythical creature visible only to women: the Unicorn, the splendid white horse with a horn that symbolizes beauty and embodies passion.

The Sagittarius is also linked to the myth of the Centaur, the creature half man, half horse as Chiron, the creature with goodwill and educated, respected by mortals and the gods whom they entrusted their children to be educated and trained.

The constellation of Sagittarius is created by Jupiter after the death of Chiron by means of a poisoned arrow.

Sagittarius Personality Traits(Facts)-Sagittarius Woman-Sagittarius Man-2019

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The ascendant of the Sagittarius Sign- 

To know exactly the astrological characteristics of a person, in addition to the zodiac sign, it is good to know also the ascendant. This represents, in fact, the first impression of oneself given to others and the way in which the individual relates to the world.

We have developed a simple method for calculating your ascendancy by following simple tables. The first is that of  Sidereal Time, the second is that linked to the Legal Time, and finally, the third is that relating to the calculation of the Sidereal Hour.

The zodiac sign of Sagittarius and the dominant planets- 

This sign is dominated by two planets: Jupiter and Neptune.  Both regulate generosity and indulgence but also the great sense of justice typical of those born under the sign of Sagittarius.

Curiosity and desire to investigate the topics push him to always look for new sources of knowledge, new emotions, and adventures. The sense of restlessness given by the influence of Neptune leads them to accomplish record-breaking feats, journeys to distant lands in search of something that can be a lost treasure or a spiritual ascent in itself.

They love luxury, good food, lust, everything that gives joy and fulfillment to both the spirit and the body.

The stars of the deans who were in the sign of Sagittarius are:

Mercury:  representing its religiosity
Luna:  which accentuates the sense of instability, of the desire to travel
Saturn:  which shows its political sense and its attitude to sport

The sign of Sagittarius in emotional relationships-

Those born under this sign are great friends, loyal and trustworthy, while in love they prefer adventures to stable ties, but only until they meet their soul mates, in that case, nothing will stop them from loving and under all the rules which a couple’s relationship brings.

The Sagittarius are very independent people who know how to play the card of seduction. They love to provoke, they usually have no prejudices and they know how to manage their relationship with others very well.

In a couple relationship, however, it is not uncommon for  Sagittarius to get carried away in some unscheduled adventure.

Those born under the sign of Sagittarius and health-

Sagittarius enjoys rather good health. Always in good spirits, he never misses an opportunity for a healthy physical activity that allows him to indulge in gluttony to which he finds it hard to give up and which often give him problems in the liver. Over time, rheumatism and lumbago also appear, given its link with the lower limbs.

The Chakra linked to the sign is the one that represents the third eye, that of the mind, and indicates the possession of good intellectual and mental abilities.

Color: light blue
Stone: Turquoise
Metal: Tin
Flower: Lotus flower Good
Day: Thursday

The affinities of Sagittarius with the other signs of the Zodiac-

Aries: An excellent couple, both in love and in friendship.

Toro: Difficult to manage, jealousies and infidelity wear out the couple.

Gemini: A lot in common, so much so as to create an almost indissoluble bond.

Cancer: A couple that threatens to suffocate each other.

Leo: A good alchemy, a couple that could last in time.

Virgin: A relationship too complicated.

Libra: Does not complete itself, A perfect puzzle, a couple made to be together.

Scorpio: Unbridled passion, in a swing of “taking and leaving”.

Capricorn: They are poles apart but the report could be successful precisely because of their diversity.

Aquarium: Excellent couple with many features in common.

Pisces: Good l ‘ initial agreement but then tends to fade are two signs that are incompatible in the long run.

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