Quality vs Quantity: How Many Articles Should You Publish On Your Website

Quality vs Quantity: How Many Articles Should You Publish On Your Website: How many times you should blog per day? Or, how many times you should blog per week? Or how many times you should blog per month? If you have such questions in your mind, that means, you are just confused with one of the most common questions, How Many Articles Must Be There On Your Website. Do remember that we have another guide for how many articles should you have on your website to get approved for Google Adsense. That you can easily read on this blog. But, this guide is completely different, it tells you about Quality vs Quantity. We used to blog 7 days a week. And, you know what? Our visitors went up initially the traffic became double of what it was. In less than a year. So how did we get this big traffic growth? Because we blogged less! Here’s the thing that we learned about blogging.How Many Articles Should You Publish On Your Website

Quality vs Quantity: How Many Articles Should You Publish On Your Website

It’s not about how much content you are producing. Yes, the more texts you have, the more keywords, the more pages that can rank in Google. But, here’s the thing that most people don’t tell you. Just because you write more content, it doesn’t mean that you are going to get more traffic. More content doesn’t mean that Google’s magically going to place you at the top of search engine rankings. You are going to promote that content. But, you know, what if you wrote one article every single day. How much time would you have to promote your article? We don’t know about you but probably a little to no.

If you have a huge marketing budget, you can spend a ton of time on promotion. But, if you are the one blogging and you spend two, three, four or five hours a day blogging, you are going to be burned out. You are not going to market your content. You are just going to be like – alright, we write it no, it’s up. Let’s see how much traffic coming again. So, if you look at our analytics traffic, you see that there are huge spikes every Tuesday. Why is this? It’s because we release a blog post on Tuesday. Now, sometimes, we may change it to Mondays. Sometimes, we may do Wednesdays. But, in general, we are holy blogging once a week. And, when we are blogging, once a week, the reason we are getting so much more traffic, sometimes ninety-plus thousand visitors in one single day. Because we are spending more time marketing our content than we are writing it. So, here’s our process of how you can get more traffic by blogging less.

The first thing, we recommend to you is to out emails. So, every time we release a blog post, we send out emails to our whole list. Letting them know my blog post has just come out. How it can help them? This is one of the easiest ways, we get more traffic. If we send out an email blast, seven times a week because if we were blogging daily, people are going to be like – you are spamming us, this is overwhelming, stop emailing me. But, now that blog, less not only we can email our list. But, they are appreciative, they are like to thank you for sending the email. It helped them made their day.

We get such messages and we are not joking in that case. If you don’t know, how to collect emails, use a free tool called Hellobar.com. You can collect emails from your website and then every time you have a blog post, you can notify every single one of those email list members. Our new blog post is out and just don’t send a simple email. Just send a customized email. Put in the subject line, the name of your blog post and your email to the people. You should go over what you discuss in the article, how it can help them and where they can check it out. The second tip we have for you is to use Subscribers.com.

It is a push notification software, it’s free, there are no premium plans, it’s just fully free and what it does is when someone’s coming to your website, from a browser whether it’s Chrome Safari Firefox, it allows them to subscribe to your blog using browser notifications. Then, whenever you release a blog post, using subscribers, you can send them a message, letting them all know their blog post has come out and through their browser, they will get a notification.

They can click on it, you can go back to your website. This little simple hack, easy subscribers gets us over 40,000 visitors a month. They are not all unique visitors. Because we have a lot of subscribers. And, they keep coming back. But, that’s still 40,000 plus visitors a month. When you write a blog post, you are naturally using stats and data to back up your points. If you are not, you should consider using them. Because it will help anchor you as the expert in the industry. We are using all these stats and data and you are linking to these websites. Send out an email.

But, when you send them an email saying hey, we mentioned you, we love your content, thank your creating it, there’s a good chance over a 10 per cent chance and you were usually from 10 to 30%. Even after reading this in-depth guide related to Quality vs Quantity: How Many Articles Should You Publish On Your Website, still if you are facing any questions or problems regarding the topic that is Quality vs Quantity: How Many Articles Should You Publish On Your Website, please make sure to let us know your exact issue in the comment box below.

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