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What do we mean by the motivation for health and a healthy lifestyleBefore answering this question, consider the very concept of “motivation“. 

So, motivation is a motivation for action. The motive is the reason for forcing us to take action. The motive can serve as positive emotions, and negative. We can imagine how happy we will be after reaching a certain goal, or we can feel the inferiority of the current situation that we want to correct.
For a person to act he needs motivation. Motivation is caused by motive. Motive causes desire. A person must want to act in a certain way. He must want a result. No other way. Nothing will force a person to act just like that if he does not see any benefit for himself in this.
The motivation for health is the motivation for action aimed at maintaining health or improving it. The problem is that a person cannot want to be healthy if he is healthy at the moment and does not experience any discomfort. 
You may not want to be in Paris if you are already in Paris. This will not be your goal. But you may feel uncomfortable with the fact that you are sitting in some backwater and you do not have money for a trip or you liked it so much in Paris that you will do everything to return there.
The same with health – most of all you want to be healthy when you are ill. When we are healthy, we simply do not realize the full charm of our current state! And as a result, we lead a lifestyle that does not contribute to health promotion or its maintenance.

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Stay Healthy-Healthy Lifestyle Motivation-Health Motivation 2019

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How to develop motivation?

Speaking about the motivation of a healthy lifestyle, first of all, people should learn to understand that their health is not constant. Health is like a flowering plant: if you do not take care of it properly, do not water it, do not fertilize it, it will soon wither, its flowers will wither, the leaves will fall and it will take a lot of effort to return it to its former state, if at all possible.
Secondly, it is possible to help a person to treat himself correctly by investing these rules in his still small children’s head. And what rules does a child learn best? That’s right, those that are performed by people who are authorities for him, or rather, his parents. And then, throughout life – friends, associates, and close circle.
In a group (fitness, mailing lists, forums) it is always easier to maintain motivation in yourself, especially during its “fall”. And this time always comes. The energy circulating in groups helps to “raise” motivation and gives a person new strength to move.
Another effective way to support motivation is the visualization of the desired. Imagine what you want to reach, the final result, and consciously go to the goal.
Take responsibility for your actions. If you have already decided something, then do it. Of course, it is difficult for us to constantly keep on one wave, we pity ourselves and often give ourselves indulgence. This should be taken as a fact and understand that no one is going to do anything for you.
Find and fix in yourself any excuses that will seduce you to give up. Consider discarding nonessential ones, and consider essential ones and correct further actions in accordance with them to achieve the best result in the most pleasant way.

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Motivation types

Among the various motives are the following:
Conservation motive
No special activity is required here. The goal is to preserve what is already there. You simply do not commit those actions that may harm your health.
Disease prevention
We suffer when we get sick. We have to go to the clinic, take medicines, accept some physical limitations, spend time on physical procedures, etc. All these activities are not pleasant and the desire to avoid them is often a powerful incentive for a healthy lifestyle.

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The disease is a serious obstacle in studies and career. The employer would rather hire a healthy person than someone who has health problems, because his frequent illnesses will impede the profit of the enterprise, create problems with work schedules and the need to pay temporary disability benefits.

The pleasure of well-being
It takes place when a person is brought pleasure by his healthy state, his ability to physically improve, play sports, and dance.
Submission to public demands
It consists of observing the requirements and traditions that were passed down from generation to generation by the people in order to protect themselves from adverse factors. The use of the toilet for the administration of their physiological needs is an example of such submission.
The possibility of sexual realization
Sexual opportunities for both men and women directly depend on their health. Being sexually attractive is very important for a person and therefore is a serious motivator for maintaining one’s health.
Usually, a person is dominated by one motivation, otherwise, you might think that he is overly concerned about his health. The type of motivation depends on the age of the individual. At a young age, motivations that predict future well-being can do little to help. 
But the topic of sexual implementation is very relevant and can make you think before another bottle of beer or a cigarette. In any case, if a person has not learned the value and rules of a healthy lifestyle since childhood, then it will be difficult to reason with him as an adult until he faces certain health problems. 
The surrounding society often affects young people in a completely different way, telling them that alcohol and drugs are what makes them happy. 
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Stay Healthy-Healthy Lifestyle Motivation-Health Motivation 2019

To interest a person in a healthy lifestyle, it is necessary to fulfill the following requirements:

  1.  goal must be truly worthwhile: a person must see that the benefits from it.
  2. 2 The desire for prosperity.
  3. 3 The desire to be the master of your life.
  4. 4 Watch the world positively.
  5. 5 Respect for yourself, allow yourself to enjoy all the benefits of life.

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If you still decide to go to the health side

On this difficult path, you will be awaited by internal struggle, laziness, self-disbelief, and many other difficulties. To help you cope with them, here are some tips:
  • -The goal must be real and specific. Determine for yourself the real purpose and time for which you achieve it. Break your big goal into many small and easily doable. Move in small but sure steps.

  • -The result will not be instant. Have patience. Prepare in advance for the fact that you want to leave everything in the very near future due to the fact that you will not see progress. But progress will be, the main thing is not to retreat and not to succumb to their own weaknesses.

  • -The effort must be followed by a reward. So you will consolidate their efforts and success. Make yourself nice gifts for a kilogram of weight dropped, for a month without alcohol or a week without a cigarette. This can be a trip to a concert, a new thing in the wardrobe, a disc of your favorite band and other things that you like.

  • -Compare yourself new with the old. More often evaluate how much healthier you have become since you started to play sports, eat right, quit smoking. Do not be afraid to be proud of yourself.

  • -Create an environment that will support you. It is good if among your friends or co-workers there are those who want to lose weight, stop smoking or go to the gym. You will also support them and, through common efforts, together you will definitely come to the goal.

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