Alcoholism|Binge Drinking|Alcohol Recovery

Alcoholism In our time, there is an acute problem of drinking alcohol. People of various ages and professions become victims of alcohol. A small amount of alcohol can hardly cause serious harm to the human body, while its excessive use threatens the health of society and the younger generations.  Toxicity Problem by Binge Drinking Binge Drinking the consumption […]

What is Motivation- Sources of Motivation

Sources of motivation Motivation is a mysterious thing. You can even say magic. Convince yourself – when it is, nothing can stop us in achieving our intended goal, we as obsessed see our dream before us and build all sorts of combinations of actions to accomplish it. Motivation gives us strength, the presence of which we do not […]

How to Overcome Laziness? How to Stop Procrastinating?

How to Overcome Laziness? How to Stop Procrastinating? Hello Beautiful People, What’s going on. J Hope you doing good. Let’s start with Today’s Topic now.  In order to properly develop a tactic of dealing with something, you must first study the enemy. In this case, the Laziness or Procrastinating will be the enemy. Therefore, we will have to deal […]

Self Motivation-Stop thinking and begin to act-Motivational Article

Stop thinking and begin to act One ounce of practice is worth more than a ton of prayers.  Mahatma Gandhi The wise words of Mahatma Gandhi are difficult to challenge. After all, each of us understands what is true and that only excuses for doing nothing.  Without taking any action it is impossible to achieve anything. In the End, I will […]

Stay Healthy-Healthy Lifestyle Motivation-Health Motivation 2019

Stay Healthy-The motivation for a healthy lifestyle-Health Motivation Hello My Dear Friends, Hope You all Doing great. :)) Let’s Start our Todays Topic.  What do we mean by the motivation for health and a healthy lifestyle? Before answering this question, consider the very concept of “motivation“.  So, motivation is a motivation for action. The motive is the […]