What Is Amazon Fire TV Stick? How To Use, Review, Price In India?

What Is Amazon Fire TV Stick? How To Use, Review, Price In India?

The updated and newer version of Amazon Fire TV Stick has got two new added features or three with the mute button, the volume up and down button and the power button works wonder. One remote for the stick and the Television. And, the buttons will also work on other devices. What comes in the box is the 4k stick itself. It is almost the same as the older or second-generation fire stick. But it is a little bit bigger. So, if we do a comparison, I want to say it’s about an inch bigger than the older fire stick and the only pretty much different besides being a little bit bigger is the 4K.What Is Amazon Fire TV Stick? How To Use, Review, Price In India?

And, it just has the Amazon smiley face logo on it. It doesn’t have the Amazon logo with the Smiley face logo. If you get close up, you will see that the remote has got exceptional features this time. Its got the mute its got the volume up and down, its got the normal fast forward reverse play pause, It’s got the home, the back and the options button and then these select features over here. And, then in the top corner, it has the power cycle button.

Now, the batteries themselves, they’re elongated throughout whole remotes not just down at the bottom. Probably, because of the newly added features, they needed to save space and atom differently. Now the box comes with remote and the two amazon batteries which in my case have always lasted a pretty long time. Alright, now as always, it’s going to come with HDMI extension cable. Not all users don’t use this for the back of the TV. The stick is easy enough to plug into the back of the TV or from the bottom. Now, if your HDMI ports are way deep inside the TV and you have it hanging somewhere, whatnot? It’s a little hard to get to.

If you have big arms and hands, you don’t have somebody with little arms and hands to get to it. It’s probably going to be a little bit difficult but if you can just hold it, reach in there and pop it in and plug it in, it’s a beautiful thing now. With my fire TV which is the square box and it has that extension for the HDMI. Which is further embedded into it or completely separately? You have to use it, it’s a little pain in the butt to get in there. If you are not easily accessing the TV, HDMI port. So, we do love the fact that they did bring back the stick even though it’s a little bit bigger.

You shouldn’t have any type of problems plugging in and right unless you have an older style TV which they have some type of weird designs and it doesn’t allow you to plug in an elongated portion of the stick. Amazon Fire TV stick also comes with the normal size USB and micro USB power cable and then it comes with the wall outlet as well as the two pamphlets that it comes with. That’s pretty much everything. You need to see that comes within the unit in the box. A little closeup in the unit and you will learn with the help of this article that how it looks like before purchasing it. This is the unit itself, it doesn’t have the Amazon wording anymore.

It just has the logo Smiley face, then it has the power port and then just the HDMI port. Now, this is the older fire stick which is the smaller ones and the newer one which is 4k is one inch larger. Remote is the almost the same size as the older remotes. It just has the mute button. It has the volume up and down, fast-forward, rewind, play-pause home options and then the back button has Alexa’s voice and then right in the top corner has the power button.

Now, if you will open it, you will notice that the Amazon batteries come in the centre of it. It has the rubber portion that holds the batteries in pretty tight. So, if you drop it and this pops off, you may notice that battery will probably not fly out, because this is usually what happens with other remotes. Also, there is the added power button and some volume controls. Setup of Amazon Fire TV Stick is fairly easy. If you purchase this directly from Amazon, your credentials are already going to be into it.

So, you just got to make yourself correct and click OK if you purchase outside of Amazon from best buy or Walmart or targeted whatnot or some online source. You are probably going to have to input your Amazon Fire TV Stick credentials like your email and password and everything to access them. If you do have an Amazon account, it’s probably a lot easier just to purchase it directly from Amazon, you get it directly to your place of business or house and it’s already going to have all your information on the device. Now getting into it when, you will first load it up, already pre-programmed TV to be controlled with the volume and mute buttons.

If you will click on the mute button or you click on the volume and see, then if you hit the power button, the TV does go off. Then, hit the power button again and the TV comes back on. Now it comes back on pretty quick and the Amazon stick does not load. So, if you do hit the power button, it’s only going to shut off the TV. It’s probably still going to allow the 1-hour idle time on the stick and then probably after that one hour, it’s going to shut down. Then, if from the top home you click over the settings, you scroll down and you scroll over to what used to be called device is now called My Fire TV.

Highlight it and click it and then you scroll down to sleep and you can click on sleep and it will put the device to sleep and then you can probably shut down everything else. Just in case you think about something bad is going to happen, while it is running an idle. If you are good to go for one hour and it’s probably going to shut down. Now, while in your Fire TV or what used to be called device, if your scroll upto developer options and click it, make sure you turn on ADB debugging and apps from unknown sources if you want to get such things like apps and APKs or Kodi or some type of external apps to use with this device. It’s the terminology considered jailbreaking.

So, with that said, we will just go back out and then one more time again. Then scroll around through these settings. You also got preferences, Alexa, you got controllers and Bluetooth devices, so if you get a keyboard in one night you want a program it’s very simple and easy when you have live TV. You can assume that if you access LIVE TV Amazon and your future is probably going to get into streaming live TV right here. Big enough company where they can probably do that and then you can snip the cord or cut the cord and go into Live streaming TV through Amazon.

We’re not sure how much it’s going to be because the problem is not around at the moment because it does some searches. You can check into that as well. Now, the next newest item is equipment control. So, if you click on equipment, control, it brings up equipment control, now automatic means that it’s going to already access whatever you are using with and pre-program it and it just lets you know and click yes, make sure everything is working and if it is working, you click OK or Yes and then you are good to go. Like you saw on my TV.

Now, if you have an external, say amplifier or you have a surround sound theatre system, a soundbar, you can program it with this. If it doesn’t already pick it up and then access that with the remote directly. We believe even if you shut it off, it’s probably going to shut off everything, maybe or maybe not the TV. I have not played with it that much to say but it definitely will shut off whatever you programmed in the equipment control or backing out. So, then you have regular applications displaying sound, you have your network and then your notifications.

Now hitting the Amazon home screen, coming up to the Home screen, everything else is pretty much the same, you got your home, your videoes, your movies, TV shows, apps and then once again settings and then if you scroll with it to the left, you have your search menu for the Amazon apps. And, then go down and the big difference is a little bit of the added features on the remote like I showed you previously.

The video, all right some of these settings, features, new features are added into that, otherwise, the main difference is – it’s going to play Prime original series in 4K Ultra HD. So, if you use the Amazon fire stick itself, to watch 4K, it will be beautiful, make sure you have 4K TV or if you do use outside, unknown sources to watch 4K content, it will play 4K content for you and the compatibility of your home. Other than that, everything else is same, it comes with a lot of same stuff and you know besides 4K, quality and new features, its user-friendly Amazon Fire Stick that you have been used to.

This time, as always, any problems with questions, please make sure to drop a comment. When purchasing a normal Amazon 4K Fire TV Stick, you will have to pay 60 US dollars. But, in case you want to go all unlimited, you will need to pay 15 bucks extra i.e. a total of 75 US dollars. What’s included is – Unlimited TV series free, unlimited movies free, in-theatre movies free, all sports packages free – NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, UFC, PPV fights Free, No monthly fees just a one time fee for the device, the only requirement is a Wi-Fi connection or cell phone hot spot, 300+ premium LIVE TV Channels free (all major networks), International LIVE TV Channels – Mexico, India, Canada, UK and more etc. If you’ve got a 4K TV, get the 4K version, 75 bucks, what’s the difference between the two – one is 4K and one is 1080p.

But, with the 4K, the processor is slightly faster, all right it’s the quad-core clock that 1.7 gigahertz or the 1080p version it’s quad-core clocked at 1.3. Now, even if you don’t have a 4K TV, you can still get the full cage stick if you want a faster process. Hopefully, with this guide, all your queries related to Amazon Fire TV Stick Price In India, Amazon Fire TV Stick with Voice Remote, Features, Offer vs Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV Stick Review, Amazon Fire TV Stick YouTube etc. are clear. But, still, if you have any other question related to Amazon Fire TV Stick, please make sure to comment your query below in the comment box.

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