What is Motivation- Sources of Motivation

Sources of motivation

Motivation is a mysterious thing. You can even say magic. Convince yourself – when it is, nothing can stop us in achieving our intended goal, we as obsessed see our dream before us and build all sorts of combinations of actions to accomplish it. Motivation gives us strength, the presence of which we do not suspect.
But what happens if there is no motivation? We are looking for any excuse to escape from the work ahead. We ourselves do not understand why we do not have the strength to perform a not so difficult task. But things are not going. 

No Everything hinders us on the way. Any trifle becomes an insurmountable obstacle, while with the motivation we would have invented a thousand ways to step over the problem that had arisen.
From this, it follows that motivation is a necessary thing for happiness. Not everyone can solve her riddle, but undoubtedly everyone who does not have it would like to possess it. We look for it wherever possible, then hopelessly sigh, not finding, and again proceed to the search, which deprives us of our last strength. 
Usually, we start with artificial ways of motivating ourselves: we read various literature, we try to increase self-esteem, we make diaries, we schedule for the upcoming day, we even exercise a couple of times in the morning and set the alarm for 7 am. 
But how much is enough for us? Month, a week? Usually even less. Day or two. And then, being disappointed in ourselves, we fall into a depressed state, we no longer believe in ourselves, we get fat, and weep, we cry and we get fat.

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All these practical actions are very important and useful, of course, but only if they are applied in the right place at the right time. Alas, doing all this, we actually do not what we need. We are straining our efforts in the wrong direction. We are not starting where we should start. As a result, all these attempts are useless.

And the problem is what?

And really, what’s the problem? Where to start? You have already re-read everything you can, but perhaps you have not yet understood that none of these artificial methods will tell you anything new. Yes, they are full of optimism and encourage you to new actions, but, unfortunately, not for long. 
And in fact, there is no big secret here, and not too much. And in general, there is no secret. 
It’s all about desire. But only. Remember at least one thing that once filled you with joy, as in childhood you jumped out of bed and rushed to meet a new day. 
Was there anything in your life that made you forget about all the difficulties and obstacles? No, of course, there were obstacles, but you did not perceive them so painfully, but simply found the optimal solution. Just because you really wanted it.

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Here it is, the very feeling that you really need to strive for. And it can not be created from scratch, artificially. It comes from within, it is already within you, only it is lost. Your desires roam somewhere inside of you and you do not pay any attention to them. You do not know what you want.

We think we know what we want, in fact, it is not. Most often we live by fulfilling the wishes of others, imposed on us from childhood by parents, then by the school, then by superiors. We have a template. He laid in us, we are not guilty. And this is how we live our whole life according to this pattern: school-institution-work-family-children-pension-you know what.
Somehow grayish, do not find? No, of course, if you are satisfied, then everything is in order. But if there is no satisfaction, then something is wrong, then we are not on our way, we do not live our lives. And somehow gray in the soul. And because it has nothing to do with what you really want. And no one will tell you what you want. That’s for sure. 

This is just your job. Understand what you need and what gives you the energy to live and share your energy with others.

The true source of motivation

So, the true source of motivation is your true desire. You don’t need anything else! Until you find it in yourself, nothing will help you. You can only give a few tips on finding this desire.
  • First, you must be completely autonomous when searching for it. Other people’s desires and opinions should not influence you. You should not be emotionally dependent on other people.
  • Decide on all your “want.” This is necessary in order not to go astray at the very beginning and not to choose the wrong way. To do this, you need to monitor your thoughts and feelings throughout the day. And not one day, but as much as needed. Until you gain clarity in your desires. This is nothing complicated. Just record events in a “like-dislike” or “pleasant-unpleasant” way. Just do not lie to yourself. You will be better.
  • Learn to separate “I want” from “I must.” Your “I want” will be accompanied by positive emotions, and “I must,” more negative ones. Consider for a moment how much “I want” in your life, and how much “is necessary”? “It is necessary”, as a rule, outweighs “I want” several times. Unfair somehow. And all because “I want” we refer to the category of unauthorized or unimportant. Because they said so. Someone and some time.
  • Mentally remove from your life all the “necessary.” It is not easy, but worth to dream. Nowhere is your reality going anywhere. But then you will see how much discontent and indignation you will meet from those around you. Thus, you will check how autonomous you are in your life.
  • Write down all your “want.” It is your only real source of energy for the future. He will never let you down.
Each person, having defined his desires, can achieve his goals. There is no doubt about it. As they say, “viam supervadet vadens” or “the road will be mastered by walking.” Here, the main thing is to choose the road, and it will lead you to the right place. 
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