YouTube Monetisation: How To Earn Money From Videos? New Rules (2019)

YouTube Monetisation: How To Earn Money From Videos? New Rules (2019)

How to get monetized on YouTube is the most popular question that is being asked every single day on either our Instagram Handle or Twitter and Facebook Handles. It’s a highly requested topic for those of you who want to get monetized on YouTube and start making money. So, these methods which are mentioned below work the best and are also going to work for you for sure. If you want to do compilations, if you want to grow a brand channel or whatever, tricks are bound to work.YouTube Monetisation: How To Earn Money From Videos? New Rules (2019)

Hardly you will find such tips anywhere else. Monetization has a very strict rule for the creators of all the countries on this planet earth. It is as simple as 4000 hours watch time is must and 1000 subscribers at the same time are also must in past 1 year. Now, one of the fastest ways you can get your 4,000 hours of watch time and your thousand subscribers by posting longer videos and that’s because, for every minute, someone watches your videos, you will get another minute added to your 4,000 hours of watch time. It’s kind of obvious, but the longer you make of video, then longer a person is going to watch.

If it’s good if it meets their criteria of what they want to watch. So, usually, when people see these long videos, they have the time to watch it for 30 minutes straight. That’s the reason these many videos get 10 million or more views or millions of views in just a few months. You may have a question about compilations being duplicate content, but if you are trying to start a compilation channel, first you make a video of just random things like maybe a gameplay of you playing something, literally the most random things, once you post it, your video of you playing game or doing something random. What you can do is change your IP Address and there’s a way you can change your IP address every like 10 seconds or something like that.

So, if you do that and open like a bunch of tabs, once you find out how to change your IP Address, really, quickly if you have a bunch of tabs opened up, you can just click loop right over here and it will automatically loop. So, all you have to do is right-click loop and once you have all those tabs open, you can open the same video and it will keep looping your video and change your IP address. So, it looks like it’s coming from something else. So that’s one way you can do it. And, there’s another way you can do this. But, we don’t know if we can upload it on YouTube. But, trust us, we don’t want to get your channel taken down by working against the YouTube advertisement policies. There are various options to get monetized on YouTube. For example, you can go to Fiverr and check the listings out there.

There are thousands of people or profiles on Fiverr which guarantees you the 4000 hours of watch time and 1000 subscribers in their one gig. All you will need to do is to make the payment and you will be free. Sit back and relax with a sip of coffee and see your channel is monetized. But, where does actual problem arises in this case? It’s because YouTube seriously doesn’t allow that. It’s a kind of fraud or cheating. The only problem with this method is that, if you will get caught cheating with YouTube advertisement policies, then there is no option but to ban your YouTube Channel, it doesn’t matter how many subscribers, viewers etc. you had.

So, you don’t get scammed on Fiverr, just make sure to watch out the star ratings and reviews very well. But, looks like these top ones are all five stars and there are people with over 1000 already. So, they are pretty good, thus, you can find a bunch of people of Fiverr to promote your videos for you and get your channel monetized. You can also tell them that you are trying to get monetized fast. See, what he got, so we got the promote your video among 10 million active social members for $70. So, even if half a percentage of those people click on that video, that he’s going to promote for 10 million people. So, half a per cent, let’s see that’s 50,000 people that can click on that video. You might even get at least 10,000 views on those videos.

That’s 50,000 views that you can get and that’s half a per cent you could get even more depending on the video and it doesn’t even matter because you are trying to get monetized. So, try to not repost compilations and then apply for monetization because then YouTube’s going to see that you are just trying to get monetized. So, there’s a way you can do that with compilations. Also, but you are going to have to do a voiceover and show fast clips and like react to it. The whole time so then it won’t be duplicate content because then you can just say this is fair use. I am just reacting to this content, you can just use your microphone and talk over the compilation that you’re going through and it would be a way easier way to do it.

And, there’s always compilation channels that blow up and get millions and millions of views. So, if you just react to it, you can tell YouTube that you’re just making a reaction channel and you want to react to this funny content and give your opinion on it. And, just stuff like that you can write an entire paragraph on it that is another way you can do it. Fiverr is a really good website if you find good reviews on something you can see. Right here, this profile has got a thousand views and he has 700 subscribers on the video and that’s not even supposed to even blow up in 2019, this year.

We don’t understand that but first what we do is ask the profile person how fast he/she can monetize the channel. If he can or just ask anyone what they can do to get your channel monetized. There are so many ways so another way you can do it you can try this. Right over here, YouTube advertising. If you already have a video, just click on that. Go ahead and log in so you can just make a campaign right here. Click new campaign, you can do video ad right here. Search ad, what I would do is a video and because you can do it for YouTube. So, let’s just go ahead and create a campaign without a gold standard video campaign click continue.

I am not going to go into detail about this, but it’s super simple to do. You can do YouTube search, results from YouTube video partners on the Display Network and then we would just keep it United States English if your videos are in English. You can also go for the Hindi language if your videos are in the Hindi language. Rest, it depends on you, what to properly choose. You can also create your video ad, you just link the ad right here. Once again, in these simple steps, we are not going to get into depth. But the video ad We will show you is how it works. So let us get a link quick. We will show you how it looks, here is placed random video links like Discovery or the in-stream ad. So, once a person clicks on a random video, your ad will pop up like this. What we would do is a video discovery ad.

Because then you would be on the recommended for a video. So, what you can do is change your placements to keywords. So, you can do the compilation, what you can do is like – so funny if you’re making funny content. You just search that up, search up a channel right there. We are going to remove funny, let’s just find a random compilation channel quick. Awesome TV for example. We can just have this guy, so we are going to copy his channel name and you can place the ad on their videos. So, let me put their channel name right there.

This is a very saturated YouTube channel name. Do you understand? We are not going to dig through all these channels, we are just clicking on this one and you will place ads on this channel. So, if you have a video related, just some other channel, you can advertise your videos on there. So, you can find a compilation channel, you can just find anything like that and your video would play on that channel. And, you would get more exposure to that advertisement and people would click on it. Because we will be on the recommended like this. Right here, we are going to go to the desktop so you can see where your video would be up next as such.

Right there and then another way you can do it is Facebook Groups. So, you can see here – there are currently two hundred and twenty-nine thousand members in this FaceBook group right here. So you can just promote your videos on here and tell people just click on it and watch for like a couple minutes and just stuff like that to persuade them you can just search up YouTube subscribers group or anything like that on Facebook and you can even message people or reply to other people’s thing like this. Already people doing that to get monetize you need eighty thousand views on average. If you have a retention of three minutes, so eight thousand views will not be that hard at all. And most of the people that would watch your videos, if you include subscribe or say to subscribe in that video, they will most likely subscribe.

If you give them a reason to subscribe just say you can just do like a 10$ Amazon Gift Card Giveaway and just give it to a random guy. You just spend $10 and you would get everyone to subscribe to your channel. So, getting a thousand subscribers wouldn’t be as hard as getting those views because when the views come, the subscribers come. So, it’s super simple like that, but if you want to know even more on how to get monetize, how to make money on YouTube, you can check out our other articles as well. In which in-depth working tricks and tips are mentioned. The best part is that those tricks are working right here in 2019 as well. Today’s article is all about sharing the tips and tricks that are not shared by anyone till date.

Neither on YouTube nor any blog. So what today’s tricks about YouTube Monetisation are real quick – how to monetize your videos and pat yourself on the back if you just crossed 4000 hours and 1000 subscribers here on YouTube. So, first things first, we are going to go over to our creator studio. You just follow the steps. And we will show you how to get to the monetisation part. So, you are going to go down and then you are going to click on the channel box. You can see – we tried marking it where it’s at. Now, you can look down here and see if you can do monetisation. Ours is enabled because we have earned the 4000 hours and the 1000 subscribers recently though you can still see. They still congratulating me on it.

So, down here it’s going to show you everything and congratulations your channel was reviewed and is now eligible for monetisation. Here is how your channel will look whites being under review this took me about one month but then I heard back from them through an email saying congratulations. Your channel was approved and now you can start monetizing your videos. It can take longer than a month, but YouTube looks at whoever’s got the highest ratings first.

Okay, so once your channel is approved it will automatically monetize all the videos that are eligible for monetization. But, here’s how you can check if all the ones you wanted to make sure that are monetized. Looking for the green dollar sign, yes that dollar sign right there. All the videos that are eligible for monetization will have them next to them except for the ones like copyright purposes like this one. It will have an X over the dollar sign now. We are going to show you guys how to step by step monetize your videos so we are going to click on edit video then we are going to go down to the description box. Then we are going to click on the monetisation tab.

Something like this should pop up, it’s going to be monetized with ads and you are going to click over it. And, it’s going to show a blue checkmark and then there are different kinds of ads. So, display ads skippable ads, side ads, you name it. They have it and we let all those, we are totally fine in this case. If your video is past 10 minutes, then you can put more than one ad on your videos. So, you just click on what spot you want the ad to be playing on. Click insert ads and you can do a preview on how it looks too. You want to make sure not to put too many ads in your videos because then it gets boring. So, a good rule of thumb is to put one ad every 5 minutes. Then, you just click over there to see the preview. Okay, so now, we want to show you guys what will show up if you cannot monetize your videos over copyright.

So you can see that they still offer the tab you can click on the tab. But, it will show this. It will tell you that this video is not currently eligible for monetization because it shows the signs of copyright and this video had someone else’s video in it. And the background was their music, so this was just asking for the copyright. If that is one of your old channels, chances are there to get monetized. If you do not have 4000 hours and 1000 subscribers, it will not say that you are eligible for monetization. It will say not eligible for monetization and you can see that there are four steps you have to have YouTube program and you have to have all these things approved and we got all three approved except for the last one. Which is the new rule they just put out in 2017?

Which is four thousand hours and one thousand subscribers. You have to have and then you can see we don’t get much attention to the shit channel. And, when you hit the goal on your channel. It didn’t have to come here and click on anything. It automatically sent to YouTube and they started reviewing my channel automatically. So, even if you hit 1000 subscribers in 4000 hours without even recognizing it. YouTube will automatically just go ahead and start reviewing at your channel. So, if it says this – then, unfortunately, you do not have the goal yet of 1000 subscribers in 4000 hours. But, if it doesn’t say that, then your channel is one a review and if it doesn’t say that will congratulations, then you are getting monetized with your videos.

So congratulations, we hope this article was helpful for you. It’s important to know this math about CPM because if you want to earn and if you were only focusing on YouTube Ads, just do the math. Right? So, that $2 per 1000 views (CPM) is an average. We have a good example of that. So, if your goal is to earn 1000 dollars, then you would need half a million views to earn 1000 dollars. Now, we want to hit this hard.

You might be here and you have already heard about the policy change for the monetization programme on YouTube. If you haven’t heard about it, what Youtube did to combat some controversy with ads showing up on videos that were not advertiser-friendly. They have changed the program to now, to be a part of it. You need 4000 hours of watch time and you need 1000 subscribers, over the past year. Now, we have heard people saying that this is discouraging for some. But some people are saying the outrageous things. Saying like YouTube is dead.

The ship is sinking, OMG. Now it’s impossible to succeed on YouTube. There couldn’t be anything further from the truth, based on this fact. But let’s just do the math of these numbers. So, let’s assume and I understand this is just enough, but let’s assume, because it is kind of an average on YouTube, that the watch time of any video is about three minutes. So, if the average view equals three minutes, we understand, this is not perfect. We know you are with us in this case. The average view is for three minutes. That means, to get 4000 hours of watch time i.e. you would need 2,40,000 minutes. This is to just qualify for the YouTube Adsense program.

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